Monthly Archives: September 2012

Would You Like to See More Bikes in Your Community?

In the last two weeks we’ve posted two PNC Neighborhood Wishlist campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Both campaigns will help increase cycling in the communities where the project is targeted. 

In the first Wishlist campaign we posted, run by Tom Philllips of Ann Arbor called ‘Get Out And Ride!’, seeks to install two public bike repair stations around the community to encourage people to ride more, knowing there is help nearby in these repair stands. Continue reading “Would You Like to See More Bikes in Your Community?” »

2012 Shoreline West Bicycle Tour Wrap Up

Thanks to Brenda Carlton from Peachtree City, GA for letting us use parts of her journal about the 2012 Shoreline West Bicycle Tour.

My choice for a week-long group road bike tour for 2012 was the highly recommended tour of the western side of northern Michigan along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. For seven days, 400+ riders rode through the scenic rural roads often paralleling the shore of the 2nd largest Great Lake. Looking out over the lake, I often felt I was at an ocean based on its immense size and many sandy beaches and picturesque harbors. At its max, Lake Michigan is 118 miles wide, 307 miles long and 980’ deep. On the windy days, waves pound the shoreline. Continue reading “2012 Shoreline West Bicycle Tour Wrap Up” »

We’ve Been Nominated for a Chase Community Giving Grant!

Thanks to a Chase Bank customer, who also is a member of LMB, we have been nominated for a chance to win a $250,000 – if we get the most votes before September 19, 2012. If we don’t make it to the top, we could be awarded from $10,000 to $100,000 instead if we get enough votes to put us in the top 196 of vote receivers.

We have some very exciting programs that we are working toward rolling out and getting one of these grants would help tremendously.  Continue reading “We’ve Been Nominated for a Chase Community Giving Grant!” »