First Michigan Trails Week Recap

From Maia Stephens, Recreation Programmer at the Michigan DNR–

The first Michigan Trails Week, held September 23-29, was designed to highlight both summer season trail use, and promote opportunities for winter trail use. It was a collaboration with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Recreation and Park Association and the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, and ended on National Public Lands Day in an effort to promote stewardship of Michigan’s amazing trail network.

In its first year, Governor Rick Snyder proclaimed the week as an official event, and more than fifty businesses and organizations participated statewide to host 44 separate events throughout the week, contributing to the 33,169 miles of trail covered by 1,332 participants (19 of the 44 total event hosts reported numbers at the time of this recap, so final numbers are likely nearly double this report).

Foot=1,850mi Paddle=252mi Bike=2,157mi Equine=28,910mi

The event was launched through the three collaborating entities, sharing information and marketing resources through a grassroots effort directing interested parties to learn more at

Also on this web site is further information about Michigan’s motorized, non-motorized and water trails to encourage continued use and support of Michigan’s trails.

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