Motivational Monday with Patrice

What’s your name and location?

Patrice, between Columbus, OH and suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA
What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Touring & Cyclocross

What is your first cycling memory?

I had a hand-me-down purple banana-seat bike that was too big for me. A friend rode it and crashed in the gravel of my neighbor’s driveway. Her knee was a bit skinned and had some cinders in it, which was no big deal for our family. Her mom came and got her and she missed a few days of school, then showing up with a bound leg on crutches. Her mom even called my mom to try and cover the medical bill. Needless to say, my mom would never take me to her house again.

Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY?

Everyday commuters inspire me. Where I live, in terms of terrain, it’s easy to get around in your bicycle. But it’s easy to be lazy too, so folks who are out there day-in and day-out inspire me.
What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

I rode my bike from St. Louis halfway back to Columbus, OH, solo. Though I only was able to get about 300 miles in before I had to be back for a job interview, it was great to be out there on my first solo touring adventure.
Tell us all about your bikes

• Surly cross-check with an Xtracycle attachment – perfect commuter vehicle for Ohio
• Redline Conquest Pro for cross racing (and has treated me very well with some slicks for olympic-distance triathlons)
• Orbea Alma H20
• Surly karate Monkey
• My baby – found a great steel road bike (probably from the early 80s) in a basement about 10yrs ago. It’s gone through a good number of mods over the years. It currently has a 3sp internal geared hub which works alright, but is all you need for comfortable riding in Columbus, Ohio.

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