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Committee working on plans for spring

January 30, 2013
Jordan Travis – News Staff Writer , The Alpena News
Rockport State Recreation Area

Rockport State Recreation Area

ALPENA – The Negwegon, Rockport and Thompson’s Harbor Advisory Committee heard updates about the state parks and recreation area Tuesday, including the news that Rockport will get funding to put in backcountry campsites.
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Hoeft to host annual night skiing event

imagesJanuary 29, 2013
The Alpena News

News Staff Writer

ROGERS CITY – Cross country skiers, snowshoers and hikers will have two chances to see the woods along Lake Huron’s shore, guided by the flickering glow of more than 200 lanterns along a trail in Hoeft State Park.

The state park will host its annual Winter Nights and Lights event Saturday from 6-9 p.m., and again on Feb. 16 at the same time, park accounting assistant Karen Schulte said. These after-dark hikes have been going on at the park since 2008 and bring out a good-sized crowd of all ages.
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Thu, Jan 24, 2013 – By Mike Muha

The Gaylord NOAA Office says,

Northern Michigan remains entrenched in a good old-fashioned cold air outbreak! It’s actually exposing just how spoiled we’ve become…having grown accustom to the mild temperatures of late. We’ve now had 5 consecutive days with readings in the single digits or below. You have to go back to March 2011 (looking at records from the office location here) to find the last time that happened. And we’ll get them again tonight…making 6 days in a row. Making this the best cold air outbreak since January of 2011…which tallied a 9 day stretch where readings went to single digits or below….including a reading of -12 that occurred on the 23rd.

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Black Mtn Race Registration

Races start on March 2, 2013.
Here is what the new 2013 Race/Tour registration form looks like for your03-03-Hillary-Witbrodt sneak viewing pleasure, (ink is still wet) but save for your use, put on websites, pass around to others. This puts you on an inside track before most others will see it.
Zeero squeaking “Start Green” degrees here this afternoon hour, warmed up from 10 below this a.m. but only a dusting of new snow today at Onaway…bummer. Maybe something more at Black Mtn, haven’t heard yet.

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Planning begins for park’s anniversary

cobbleshorelineJanuary 23, 2013
Jordan Travis – News Staff Writer , The Alpena News

PRESQUE ISLE – The Friends of Thompson’s Harbor State Park and the Department of Natural Resources are working on plans to celebrate the park’s silver anniversary.

In honor of the 5,000-plus acre state park’s formation 25 years ago, the friends group is planning a day of events on May 11, group President Mike Grohowski said. Group member Bill Grigg is spearheading plans for the day. He and other members discussed the day’s agenda at a meeting in the Presque Isle Harbor Association Clubhouse Wednesday night.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the m-bike blog, but you already knew that right?

AR-130119851.jpg&MaxW=620Bikes, walkability and good transit are keys to forming an effective urban transportation system.

The shortcomings of Detroit’s transit — built on the DDOT and SMART buses systems and People Mover — are well documented.

We wish the M1 RAIL would be complement, but from all that we know to date, it won’t be. In many ways, it will diminish the urban transportation system.
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cross-country-skiing-01bA popular event is returning to Cheboygan State Park near the end of the month.

An evening of lantern-lit cross-country skiing and hiking will be held from 5:30 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, January 26.

The event will begin at the park trailhead located off Seffern Road, where skiers will find approximately 1.8 miles of groomed and track-set trails lit by lanterns spaced 50 feet apart. Snowshoers and hikers also are welcome to participate.
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by Angie Schmitt

In the depths of the great recession, Michigan had the highest unemployment rate in the nation. But it’s been encouraging to see how the crisis has prompted some reflection on the part of local leaders.

Lansing, Michigan. Image: Economics of Place

Michigan Municipal League Director Dan Gilmartin recently shared an editorial he wrote for the Lansing State Journal at his blog Economics of Place. The article, “Why Cities Matter in Michigan,” explains how the state’s neglected cities played a role in its decline, and how they may be the key to its revival:
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IMBA urges mountain bikers who ride in Michigan to add their comments to the Hansi_Photo_120413_Hansi_Photo_120413__MG_9117state’s Comprehensive Trails Plan. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will accept comments from the public until Friday, Jan. 25.

Take Action! Let the DNR know that their trails plan should be expanded to include more recognition of Michigan’s large and dynamic mountain biking scene. You can review the latest draft of the plan here and complete a short survey to have your opinions heard.
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Grand opening for Millersburg Depot Regional Trailhead

trail-atvA grand opening event is being held for the new Millersburg Depot Regional Trailhead.

The trailhead is located halfway between Alpena and Cheboygan, along the North Eastern State Trail or NEST.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Presque Isle County, the Village of Millersburg and the Millersburg Area Historical Society shared resources to develop and maintain the trail for year-round enjoyment. Those attending can come by snowmobile, foot or car. Guests can also bring ice skates and enjoy the village ice rink located on-site.
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We wrote about this in 2009: Milford Township has an ordinance requiring bicyclists to wear a helmet on the paved trails at the Kensingon Metropark.kmp-fall-300x200

And to be more specific, bicyclists must only wear a helmet when the paved trail is 10 feet wide.

Biking on the roads at Kensington or unpaved trails? No bicycle helmet is required.

This ordinance came about in 1996 after an inline skater had a fatal crash going down a long downhill section of trail. That segment of trail was changed and made less steep to reduce speeds, but the ordinance remained.
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Exciting January bike events in Detroit

Ah, the old days when it was rare to find others to ride with in the winter in Detroit… anti-auto-show-300x143If you were lucky you might find another couple diehards riding a Critical Mass.

Those days are over and now colder months are getting their share of bike-related events.

Last weekend was The Hub‘s 24-hour bike ride fundraiser event.

CAID Anti-Auto Show

Starting January 12th this this interesting Contemporary Aid Institute of Detroit (CAID) event at 5141 Rosa Parks Boulevard:
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