LMB.org: Protect Non-Motorized Funding in Michigan – Take Speaker Bolger’s Survey on Transportation

Bolger Legislative UpdateTransportation funding reform is a top priority for Governor Snyder and the Michigan Legislature in 2013. Sadly, only a month into the new legislative session, there are already concerns about potential attacks on non-motorized funding. House Speaker Jase Bolger, made the following statement earlier this week in his Legislative Update email:

Furthermore, I have had serious talks recently with our Congressional delegation regarding the elimination of the strings that our federal government attaches to our road money, including non-motorized requirements such as bike paths, turn lanes, tension barriers in the median, beautification projects and more. Additionally, where such non-motorized mandates are in place, we should look to other sources than road funding to meet these requirements.

He goes on to request citizen feedback through an online survey about Michigan roads, which includes a question about removing “the strings” attached to road projects. The question uses bike paths as an example of such inefficiencies.

Since the Speaker is seeking input, let’s make sure our voices are heard!

Stand up for bicycling by filling out Speaker Bolger’s survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Q5LTVNC.

It takes less than a minute to complete and is anonymous. If you support non-motorized funding DO NOT check the option under question 10 regarding “Removing the strings attached to road projects by the federal government (tension barriers, bike pahts and beautification projects).”

Please watch our website and your in boxes for additional actions you can take to stand up for bicycling and non-motorized funding in Michigan.