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How Much Driving Is Avoided When Someone Rides a Bike?

by Tanya Snyder, Streetsblog’s Capitol Hill editor

If Jane Doe rides her bike a mile to the post office and then back home, is it fair to assume she just avoided two miles of driving? And can we then assume that she prevented 2.2 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted?

Photo: Bike Reviews

That’s more or less the way most agencies calculate averted vehicle-miles traveled. One mile biked is one mile not driven.
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Celebrate National Walk to Work Day, Friday, April 5th 2013

Walking to work. It’s good for your heart, it’s good for your lungs and it’s good for the environment. Strong scientific the groupevidence supports the numerous health benefits of regular walking.
Think you live too far away to walk to your job? It’s probably easier than you think.

To get their daily walking in, many people take transit or drive for part of the distance and walk the rest.

As program manager of DriveLessLiveMore at Active Transportation Alliance, I’ll be celebrating National Walk to Work Day on April 5 by walking nearly eight miles to work in River North from where I live in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood!
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Update from the Directormountain biker
Here it is April and it is prime time to get your teams and clubs started back up in preparation for the fall race season. I thought this would be a good opportunity to update you on some of the things that MiSCA has been working on and what to expect for 2013.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone that participated over the last few years to help MiSCA get going, whether that be as a volunteer, coach, rider, parent or sponsor. We couldn’t have done it without you.
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What is The Heritage 23 all about?

The Heritage 23, a Mackinaw Boat, is currently being displayed in the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Great Lakes index_rowing_versionMaritime Heritage Center. The recent news page has details and photos of the display. HCS&R is also sponsoring the 2nd Annual Heritage Coast Grand Prix races at Tawas Bay on June 13 to 16, 2013.

Construction of our second Heritage 23 will begin in mid April 2013. We are looking for volunteers to help us build and for donors to help finance the new boat. This is an ideal chance to join our not-for-profit corporation, to build wooden boats, and to help develop and organize regattas on the Heritage Coast of Michigan.
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National Walking Day April 3rd, 2013

Get Up and Movemedium
These days, adults are spending more time at work than ever before. An unfortunate side effect is that, as a nation, we’re becoming more inactive. This is a problem when you consider that physical inactivity doubles the risk of heart disease!
But take heart! It’s a problem you can help fix by encouraging your community and company to take part in the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day.

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They’re here! We’re just five weeks out from National Bike Month and excited to debut our posters for May 2013. Yep, you read that right; instead of just one, we have four options for you to choose from or use as a set.


Thanks to our friends in New York City — Helen Ho, Ed Hernandez, Karyn Williams and Kyle Mosholder — for being part of the Bike Month photo shoot!

We’re still focused on Bike to Work Day — the pinnacle of the month! — but, with the tagline “Where will the ride take you?” we’re showcasing the many ways bikes benefit our lives and our communities. Whether you ride to work at a construction site, pedal your kids to school or cruise on two wheels to meet up with friends, we’re celebrating YOU this May.
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The “Vulnerable Road User” concept is a new and powerful tool — and it’s taking root throughout the country.Obey-the-law

Recent legislative successes include the “Access to Justice for Bicyclists Act of 2012” in Washington D.C., the recent endorsement of a vulnerable user ordinance by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors (read more about that campaign here) and a statewide law in Utah. While VRU protections have proliferated in the past five years, they continue to take many shapes.
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Saginaw Moves Forward on 2 Miles of Tri-County Rail Trail

Two miles of the more than 40-mile Tri-County Rail Trail moved forward in Saginaw on Monday as the county’s Parks railand Recreation Commission received approval by the Board of Commissioners to act as lead agency on a $300,000 application.

The grant, through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund, will be used – if approved – to develop a two-mile stretch of trail from Kochville Road in Zilwaukee Township to the Saginaw-Bay County line.
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A Must Read: Environmentalists oppose bill that would reduce Michigan biodiversity

Environmentalists oppose plan passed by Senate limiting DNR’s abilitybilde to manage land

  • By Gary Heinlein and Jim Lynch
  • The Detroit News

Lansing — Michigan environmentalists are upset over a Republican lawmaker’s bill to curtail the state’s land management powers, claiming it’s based on conspiracy theories about the United Nations.

Legislation by state Sen. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, would prevent the Department of Natural Resources from classifying public tracts “for the purpose of achieving or maintaining biological diversity.” The proposal eliminates requirements the DNR promote forest restoration or continue giving special protection to unusual plants and animals.
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A Walking Revolution: Exercise is Medicine, 13 Ways to Get People Moving in 2013

Submitted by Brent Hugh on Fri, 03/22/2013 – 7:53am

A new report by the new national EveryBody Walk Collaborative, A Walking Revolution: A Movement Making Americans Happier and Healthier addresses the power of walking and walkability for health, business, community, schools, and the environment.

This report is the outcome of a December 2012 meeting that brought together more than 140 representatives from pro-walking organizations. A centerpiece of the meeting was the announcement of a Call to Action on Walking from US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA.
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Professional Mountain Bike Advocates Creating New Opportunities in U.S. Regions

For Immediate Release 3-19-2013Kicker
Contact Mark Eller
IMBA Communications Director
303-545-9011 ext. 115

IMBA recently hired several new full-time employees to advance mountain biking in distinct U.S. territories. The new positions significantly expand the IMBA Region Directors program, bringing the total number of professional mountain bike advocates to 13:

Petoskey (M-119) to Alanson – Trail to be completed before July 4

ALANSON — A seven-mile trail from M-119 in Bear Creek Township to Alanson is expected to be completed as early as July 4.

After more than 20 years in planning and creation the rail corridor winding in between Round Lake and Crooked Lake will become a 10-foot-wide, paved asphalt trail connecting the Little Traverse Wheelway to Alanson.

“I see this as a neat destination for people who want to take a day trip,” said Emily Meyerson, Top of Michigan Trails Council’s northern Lower Peninsula trailways coordinator. “Pretty much everyone can bike seven miles.”
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