New MMBA Trail Guide

The MMBA is proud to announce our new Trail Guide. This radically improved map-based guide is designed to help mmba_new_trailguide_announcement_screenshot-300x267mountain bikers find ridable trails in Michigan.

Our new Trail Guide can be found here, or at the link in the side bar:

Developed as a winter-time volunteer project by professional web developer Jeff Lau (UselessPickles on the MMBA Forum) this guide is designed to let users explore what our state has to offer, easily finding information about each trail. One can quickly identify trails in an area, drill down to detailed info on each trail, and get directions to help navigate to new places. Some of the trails even feature an overlay of their trail map. (Click here to see a trail with an overlay.)

The new Trail Guide has been filled with information gathered from the old MMBA Trail Guide, MMBA member organizations, Trail Coordinators, and public websites. We’ve done our best to ensure the data is as accurate as possible, but there may details or complete trails that we may have missed.

If you see something that is missing or incorrect, have questions about the guide, or just want to let us know what you think of it, please email We have set up a topic here on the MMBA Forum about the Trail Guide which includes basic tips, Frequently Asked Questions, and a place for public comment and discussion. While this first release of the Trail Guide site does quite a bit we’re going to be adding new features in the future and will be looking at your feedback for ideas and direction on what you find important and want to see next.