Studies show bike commuting more effective than gym workout

30-Days-of-Bike-Pledge-LogoAs word spread about Sunday’s article in Grist Magazine* offering scientific proof that bicycle commuting can be a more effective exercise than the typical health club workout, thousands of cyclists worldwide turned collectively to their significant others and exclaimed “see, I told you my cycling obsession wasn’t unhealthy!”

The author of the post, bicycling enthusiast and journalist Jay Walljasper, began by saying “It’s always a pleasure when scientific studies confirm your own long-held opinions, especially when what you think flies in the face of all conventional wisdom.” Finally, scientific proof!

But in a world where physical fitness is confused with bodybuilding and conflated with athletic conditioning, you have to wonder why so few researchers have ever attempted to set the record straight long before today. My personal theory is that they’ve all been silenced by the mighty fitness cabal…