Think You’re Committed? Meet This National Bike Challenge Duo

There’s still snow on the ground in Atlantic Mine, Michigan — 17 inches, that is.kerencurt

But that hasn’t stopped Keren Tischler and Curt Webb (pictured right) from hopping on their bicycles nearly every day for trips to town, work or just for fun.

What got this couple riding their bicycles? The National Bike Challenge.

Tischler and Webb’s persistence has pedaled their tiny community of Atlantic Mine to the top 10 list of the National Bike Challenge’s warm-up period, putting the pressure on cities of all sizes to try and catch up. Get this: They’ve already logged nearly 1,000 miles between the two of them!

Now in its second year, the National Bike Challenge continues its mission to inspire and empower millions of Americans to ride their bikes for transportation, recreation and better health — and it starts tomorrow!