Vulnerable Roadway User Hearing Scheduled – Please Contact Your Representative Today!

LMB’s vulnerable roadway user legislation will receive a hearing on Wednesday, VRU_Ghost_BikeSeptember 11th, before the Criminal Justice Committee. LMB has worked closely with local bicyclists throughout the summer to communicate with committee members about this legislation, which would create enhanced penalties for drivers who injure or kill bicyclists, pedestrians, or wheelchair users. The legislation is modeled after enhanced protections already in law for construction workers, farmers driving slow moving vehicles, and children in school zones.

If you live in one of the House districts listed below, we need you to contact your Representative TODAY to urge him or her to support HB 4792 and 4799. Please bcc John ( on your emails. A sample message can be found at the bottom of this page. You are encouraged to personalize experiences related to this issue.



Dear Representative _____,

As a bicyclists in your district, I am writing to urge you to support HB 4792 and 4799, legislation aimed at protecting non-motorized roadway users and educating motorists about safely sharing Michigan roads.

A vulnerable roadway user provision will provide law enforcement and prosecutors with an enhanced set of penalties that fill the gap between basic traffic infractions and more serious crimes. This important legislation will also help to increase awareness and bring meaningful education to motorized users.

In Michigan, similar enhanced penalties already exist for reckless drivers who injure or kill construction workers, children in designated school zones, or operators of slow-moving farm vehicles.

Broad bipartisan support exists for this legislation, as demonstrated through the 20 individual co-sponsors of HB 4792 and HB 4799, including numerous members of the Criminal Justice Committee.

I thank you for your time and again urge you to support this common sense legislation.


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