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Dork Brothers 11th Annual Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk

Turkey Trot

Join the Dork Brothers on Thursday, November 28th , 2013, Thanksgiving Day, for the 11th Annual Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk.

Come out and celebrate your health & fitness. This early Run/Walk will help prepare you for your Thanksgiving meal. You will also get to meet & greet with Dorks.  This event will help support local food pantries & the homeless shelter.

Set an example for couch-potatoes, wimps and other weenies too afraid to face perfect Dork Brother running weather! (sub-zero wind chill and blizzard-type snow conditions, pouring sleet or not!)
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City seeks NRTF grant

October 4, 2013

Jordan Travis – News Staff Writer, The Alpena News

ALPENA – The Department of Natural Resources Natural Resources Trust Fund has paid for lots of recreational lands and development around Northeast Michigan, and may provide funds to build a new trailhead in Alpena.

The city has applied for a $350,000 grant, including a $105,000 local match, with backing from the Besser Foundation, Northeast Michigan Community Foundation, Alpena Lions Club and others, City Manager Greg Sundin said. It’s the second time the city has applied for the grant, with the first try falling short in 2012.
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Legislative Update: Bicycle Bills Moving in State House

After a positive hearing on our vulnerable roadway user legislation just a PEAC_Studentscouple weeks ago, we are pleased to report that LMB’s other legislative priorities are also gaining traction as we pedal into fall. On Tuesday, October 1st, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee took up two of our bills, HB 4866 and HB 4265.

Right Turn Signal Legislation (HB 4866)
HB 4866 is a simple bill that would update the Michigan Vehicle Code to allow bicyclists to point to the right to signal a right turn. Currently bicyclists must signal right turns by extending an upturned left arm.
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Silver Bells By Bike – LMB Sponsoring Bicycle “Float” Nov 22

League of Michigan Bicyclists is once again hosting a bicycle-themed “float” in 325142_10150462822175288_1326821757_othe annual Silver Bells Electric Light Parade to be held November 22nd. We are inviting cyclists from across the state to light up their bikes and join us for this annual celebration in downtown Lansing. This will be the 29th Annual Silver Bells.

Afterwards, stick around to watch the lighting of the state holiday tree with 150,000+ of your closest friends.
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Bridge Out

If you are someone who walks, runs or bikes the Alpena Bi-Path, please be aware that a small foot bridge has been removed by Sytek Park so that it can be completely replaced.  Safety is everyone’s concern

Vulnerable Roadway User Legislation Receives Hearing

LMB’s Vulnerable Roadway User legislation (HB 4792 and HB 4799), received a hearing before the Criminal Justice Committee on September 11th. The VRU_Ghost_Bikelegislation which creates enhanced penalties for drivers who injure or kill bicyclists, pedestrians, or wheelchair users is similar to laws already in place for construction workers, farmers driving slow moving vehicles, and children in school zones.

John Lindenmayer, Advocacy and Policy Director for League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB), testified along side the bill sponsor, Representative Ed McBroom. LMB focused on the undeniable disparity that exists between drivers and other road users. Lindenmayer provided background on the need to raise the standard for care for drivers when traveling around non-motorized users who do not benefit from the same level of protections as those in automobiles.
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