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A recent mountain bike ride on the Chippewa Hills Pathway revealed that the surrounding forest has been marked for an extensive timber cut. Trees right up to the edge of pathway are marked with bright red paint designating them for elimination. The entire area surrounding the mountain bike single track will be cut.
Chippewa Hills Pathway is one of two pathways located on state forest land in Alpena County. Chippewa Hills is unique because of its elevation changes and rolling hardwood forest. The pathway is located within the confines of the Mackinac State Forest thus it comes under the management of the Forest Resources Division of the Department of Natural Resources. TBTA has a considerable stake in the pathway. TBTA took over the maintenance of the pathway over 15 years ago after the Forest Resources Division cited lack of funding and manpower to maintain the pathway. TBTA has received no assistance from the DNR in preserving, protecting and maintaining the pathway. The pathway is used for hiking, biking, skiing, snow shoeing and equestrian recreation. Beginning in 1995, TBTA has lobbied the DNR and many others to expand the trail system to include the mountain bike single track. Those efforts have all been met with a resounding, “NO”, from DNR officials.
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