DNR Places Hold on Chippewa Hills Timber Cut

On September 30th the following email was received from the DNR.

Sent on behalf of Bill O’Neill, Chief, Forest Resources Division

Thank You for contacting the DNR about the Chippewa Hills Pathway. We appreciate your interest in the trail, and understand your concerns about timber management plans in the area and the potential impact on the trail system. The Thunder Bay Trails Association (TBTA) has also voiced concerns.

In response to these concerns, the DNR is placing a hold on proposed treatments until we have a chance to meet with TBTA membership and other interested persons. DNR staff would like an opportunity to outline and explain current timber harvest plans, and to hear comments regarding these proposed treatments.

A meeting will be organized in the near future, and it will include staff from Forest Resources, Parks and Recreation, and Wildlife Divisions. These DNR staff will be available to answer questions and discuss options and future direction. Representative Peter Pettalia may also attend the meeting if it fits into his schedule.

We are asking persons interested in meeting with the DNR to contact Mr. Cody Stevens, Unit Manager, Atlanta Management Unit, Forest Resources Division. Cody will ensure that you are contacted when a meeting date and time are determined. Please feel free to contact Cody at stevensc@Michigan.gov, or 989-785-4251, ext.5240.

TBTA held its’ monthly meeting Wednesday evening. From that meeting two motions were unanimously approved. The first motion is to oppose any timber cutting at the Chippewa Hills Pathway complex. The other motion is to lobby for management of the Chippewa Hills Pathway complex to be transferred to the Parks and Recreation Division.

Randy Fairbanks
President, TBTA