Chippewa Hills Update

Much has happened in the last two months in our efforts to save the Chippewa Hills Pathway. The Alpena Convention and Visitors Bureau has been very involved with their leadership. The Alpena County Board of Commissioners and the Ossineke Township Board of Trustees have both passed resolutions supporting the efforts of TBTA and requesting the DNR to reevaluate the proposed timber cut. A community wide forum held this past Tuesday had 60 area residents attend. All attendees had the opportunity to voice their concerns and comments on the proposed cut and the impact that it will have on the pathway and the community. The DNR did have two representatives in attendance. This was not a question and answer session nor was it a DNR bashing session. The vast majority of the attendees did speak and express their concerns. It should be obvious to the DNR that the community does not support the proposed timber treatment at the Chippewa Hills Pathway. Chippewa Hills Pathway is a valuable community asset and far outweighs any short term monetary gain that the proposed timber cut will bring. The user group coalition would hope to meet with DNR in the near future to reconsider the proposed timber cut.

Randy Fairbanks
President, TBTA