Northeast Michigan was blessed with ample snowfall this past winter which led to some good cross country skiing condition.  It also brought into focus the need for a new snowmobile to pull the grooming equipment.   The old machine,(2008), is starting to costs us money in repairs.  TBTA Board of Directors authorized the purchase of a new machine.  Research was done on the different work machines on the market.  Three quotes were obtained from different dealers.  TBTA opted to go with the Ski-Doo from Bader Bros. Inc. located on M-32 east of Hillman.  The new machine comes with a three warranty.  In order to get the best price we had to put five hundred dollars down on the machine.  The balance is do when we pick up the machine.  The machine will be available for pick up this coming November.


The cost of the machine is $12,100.00.  TBTA will apply for a grant for to help defray the cost of the machine.  TBTA hosted a fund raiser at the Black Sheep last week.   Look for upcoming fund raisers.  TBTA will take any and all donations for the machine.