January 5th 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2017 TBTA Meeting ACC Room 116
Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm. Roll call: Present—Jeff B, Randy F, Stan M, Wayne C, Bob N, Spence M, Mary R, Dennis V, Ron A, Tim R, Bobby B, Tom D Absent: Scott B, Mike A.
Others present: Blake Gingrich, Parks/Rec TBTA members: Melissa M, Dave B, Chris C, Hal/Jennifer Butler.
Minutes from Dec. 8 2016 meeting were read by Wayne C. CORRECTION—Reference to TBTA CfNEM Fund should have read –the Chuck Ingle fund in Northeast Comm. Foundation has $2200 available for use by TBTA. Minutes approved as corrected.

Treasurers Report: The report of Jan. 5 2017 was presented by Stan M. Current total in checking and savings is $6643.33. Motion to accept-Ron A. 2nd by Bobby B. Passed
Equipment/Maintenance—–Bobby B stated the new snow machine is performing very well. Randy F. stated the old machine is also running very well. Jeff B. suggested lightening up the Tid-Tec track setters so they float better in minimal snow conditions.
Membership—–Tim R . stated we currently have 21 memberships in. Hal B. will have 159 newsletters with membership forms mailed out 1-6-2017. Printing cost was $380.
Finance—Stan M. Nothing additional
Special Events—-Motion by Bobby B. 2nd by Tom D. to set Saturday , Feb. 11, 2017, 6 to 9pm as the Candlelight Ski at Norway Ridge. Coordinated between Parks/Rec and TBTA. Tom D. discussed Winterfest to take place at Northern Lights Arena on Feb. 3-4, 2017. TBTA is asked to demonstrate snowshoeing, x-c skiing, and fat tire biking. Jeff B. stated there will be a change in location for the Youth Ski Club. It will now take place out to the APLEX. There are currently 26 signed up.
Advocacy—–Randy F. stated Red gate and deck at Chippewa Hills are completed.

Blake Gingrich(DNR) discussed complications regarding issuance of a use permit for packing a fat tire bike trail at Rockport. The permit request is held up in the DNR Stewardship Committee. He also discussed the Norway Ridge DEQ Wetland Permit. If work projects are not completed in 2017, the permit may need to be reapplied for as it will expire in 2018. The 2nd bridge between pts.7-8 will be replaced in the spring 2017. Blake is to meet with DEQ and TBTA members to discuss additional deck vs culvert work yet to be completed.

Motion by Spence M, 2nd by Tim R. to elect Tom D. as president, motion passed
Motion by Tom D, 2nd by Bobby B. to elect Jeff B. as Vice President, motion passed
Motion by Dave B, 2nd by Bobby B. to elect Stan M. as Treasurer, motion passed
Motion by Bobby B, 2nd by Tom D. to elect Wayne C. as Recording Secretary, motion passed

Friends of State Parks Conference is at the McMullen Center on March 3, 2017. TBTA can send 2 representatives.
Tom D. requested a list of TBTA assets and dollar amounts.
Melissa M. discussed TBTA considering working a booth at Concerts in the Park this summer as a possible fund raiser.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm