Thunder Bay Trails Board Meeting Minutes March 2, 2017

TBTA Meeting     March 2, 2017           Location—Austin Brothers Brewery

Call to order at 6:05pm

Board members present: Bob N, Stan M, Tim R, Tom D, Wayne C, Jeff B, Spencer M, Dennis V, Mary R

Board members absent: Ron A, Mike A, Bobby B, Scott B

Other members present: Melissa M, Randy F

Minutes of February 2,2017 were accepted as presented.

Treasurers Report: Report as of March 2, 2017 was presented by Stan M. Current balance on hand in both checking and savings is $3290.98. Motion by Tom D. 2nd by Spence M. to accept treasurers report as presented, motion passed.

GROOMING/MAINTENANCE—-Bobby B recently groomed Golf Course, Jeff B, has groomed Norway. Tom D. suggested that for winter of 2017/2018 a grooming schedule be established.

MEMBERSHIP—–Tim R. stated memberships are up from 48 last month to 73 this month. $3395.00 has come in from memberships, donations, and map sales.

WEB PAGE/NEWSLETTER—–Tom D. stated a paypal account is now set up. On line donations can now be made. A new logo is still in the works.

FINANCE—–Nothing additional from Stan. Randy F. stated that Ossineke Twp. Has increased their donation for Chippeaw Hills maintenance from $500 to $1000. It was suggested Alpena and Wilson Twp. be approached for similar donations for Norway Ridge.

SPECIAL EVENTS—–Jeff B. stated the Youth Ski Program has met 3 times, there were 2 cancelations due to insufficient snow. Sunday March 6th is to take place at the Golf Course.     Scott B. will conduct an Ales for Trails event on April 13,2017. More details to follow.       Tom D. wants to promote the Tour of Trails again this summer.     Dennis and Spencer suggested a monthly trails workbee be established. Likely beginning in April.


  1. Lantern ski at Norway took place Feb 11, it was not as well attended as in 2016.
  2. Summer trails work s chedule is in the works. Dates yet to be set.
  3. Norway Ridge improvements. Blake Gingrich is yet to arrange meeting with DEQ to discuss culvert/deck replacement. Blake stated in email the other deck between pts.7-8 will start late summer-early fall 2017.
  4. Chipeaw Hills signage for single track trails is still in the works.
  5. Tom is still waiting for the equipment list inventory.
  6. New trailer for hauling snow machine—-no additional comments
  7. Randy F. will be attending the Friends of State Parks Meeting on March 3.
  8. 2018 Youth and Rec. Grants.   Motion by Stan M. to file a grant request for Jeff B.’s Youth Ski School for the winter 2017/2018. 2nd by Tim R. Motion passed.     A motion was made by Mary R. to form a committee to plan out a Youth Cycling Program, similar to the ski program. 2nd by Spence, Motion passed

NEW BUSINESS           Tom D. distributed a copy of Thunder Bay Trails Association Trails Master Plan 2017. He ask that each board member fill in what they see as goals/dreams for projects for our non motorized trail systems. Return your ideas to Tom.

Meeting adjourned at 7:43pm

Next Meeting April 6, 2017     Austin Brothers Brewry—back room