TBTA Board Meeting May 4, 2017

Austin Brothers Brewery Meeting Room

Call to order 6:12 pm

Board Members present: Ron A, Randy F, Bob N, Tim R, Steve V, Tom D, Spence M, Jeff B, Stan M, Wayne C.         Board Members absent: Bob B, Scott B, Mike A, Mary R.

DNR:  Emily Meyerson, Blake Gingrich, Paige Perry.     Also, present, other members and interested people.

Minutes of April 6, 2017 were accepted as presented.

Treasurers Report:   Stan M, reported that as of May 4, 2017 Total cash on hand in checking and savings is $4318.49.

Emily Meyerson led a discussion to determine the direction TBTA wants to go with non-motorized trail development. Does TBTA want to follow a general direction of developing “community trails” or develop a strong mountain biking trail system. Considerable discussion took place. No formal decision was made at this time.

Emily Meyerson will have monies available Oct. 1, 2017 to conduct an independent study of trail needs in NE Michigan. It was stated resurfacing of the Alpena-Hillman rail grade will begin Spring 2018.

A meeting is needed with Blake Gingrich and a few TBTA Bd. Members to reevaluate where best to spend the $ 2400.00 for improvements to Norway Ridge. Possibly not using it for a second bridge replacement between points 7-8.

The DNR will not be pursuing purchase of an easement to connect the end of Tamarack Rd. to Norway Ridge. Such an easement would be the responsibility of TBTA.

New road signage designating the location of Norway Ridge and Chippewa Hills is completed and can be installed soon.


1.Ski grooming and Equipment:  Jeff B. wants to rehab the TidTack groomer and add a jack stand. Jeff is also writing for a grant for a small groomer for the college area ski school trails.

  1. Memberships: Tim R reported we now have 93 individual memberships and 9 corporate.
  2. Web Page: There is now a “join now” button with a printable application. Also, PayPal account is working.
  3. Finance: nothing additional
  4. Special Events: Ales for Trails event was very profitable, approximately $ 1000.00, final total not available at this time.
  5. Advocacy: Tom D. with MMBA is pursuing streamlining trail legitimizing and mapping process.
  6. Trails: most recent work bees were successful, much was accomplished. Work bees generally take place on Sundays.  Watch website for future dates and information.


Tom D. will be meeting with MMBA on May 30-31 to tour Chippewa Hills, Norway Ridge, and Rockport Trails.

Rockport Trail Day is May 21, 2017.  Time is 11am – 3pm. General maintenance to take place.

An application is in to the Youth and Rec Committee for a grant for trail projects.

A new logo for TBTA has been designed and is complete.

New equipment purchased is a leaf blower for trail maintenance.    A motion made by Dennis V. and 2nd by Spence M. to allow Tom D to purchase a chain saw for trail work. Not to exceed $ 500.00. Motion passed.