TBTA Monthly Board Meeting Minutes July 13th 2017

TBTA – July Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                     7/13/17

Board Members: Dennis, Tom, Stan, Spencer, Mary, Jeff, Bob

Members: Randy F, Missy, Amber

Treasure Report: given by Stan, motion to accept by Spencer, second by Dennis

Committee Reports:

  • Trail grooming- No Report
  • Membership – No Report
  • Web Page – No Report
  • Finance – Treasure report by Stan
  • Special Events – Tour of Trials Plan
    • Chippewa @ 9 am
    • Norway @ 12 pm
    • Rockport @ 3 pm
    • Tom to post details on Facebook page
  • Advocacy – No Report
  • Trails –
    • Trail clean up on Sunday 7/16, 9 am and 1 pm – Tom
    • Look at alternate entry point for Norway from the snowmobile trail –Spencer
    • New Norway and Chippewa Signs – where is the DNR at with those? – Randy/Tom

Old Business:

  • Youth and Rec Grant – up for review – Jeff


New business:

  • Chippewa hills single-track approved by DNR.
  • DNR plans to have a trail consultant come out and review the existing trails and review new trail options
  • Tom to contact MMBA to get our own “Trail Expert” on site too.
  • Randy applied for the Special use permit for the Chip Race.
  • Volunteers required for the music in the park Fund Raiser:
    • Dennis, Amber, Missy and Spencer volunteered for the 8/5 date/
  • All hours need to be recorded for the state and to get match from the friends of Norway and Chippewa group.


  • Motion to adjurn: Jeff, Second: Dennis