TBTA Board Member Meeting Minutes

09/14/17 Thunder Bay Trails Association Meeting Minutes


Tom Dowd, Jeff Blumenthal, Tim Rumbles, Spencer Mendel, Stan Mischley, Bob Niedzwiecki, Dennis Vesotski, Hal Butler, Jennifer Buitler, Marshal Olger, Randy Fairbanks

  1. Meeting Start 6:10 PM
  2. Treasure report- Total balance of $3,075.36 (accepted by dennis/jeff)
  3. Jeff to write grant proposal for new grooming equipment (accepted by jeff/spencer)

    1. Tom made motion to maintain $3,000 in account – board approved
    2. Depending outcome of grant proposal – TBTA will determine at that time pitching in remainder of funds required for grooming equipment purchase
  4. Membership – Tim Rumbles – approx. 4 new memberships
  5. Website:
    1. Need to ad “Go Pro” video of Chippewa Hills MTB Race
    2. On-line web form for membership
  6. Special Events:
    1. Chip Race – Scott (not present)
    2. Discussed TBTA Float at thanksgiving parade – Spencer volunteered to talk to Jean M about steps to get a spot in the parade
  7. Advocacy:
    1. Winterfest/Fat Tire Race – Tom to talk to Keli Werda (NLA) about plan
  8. Tom made motion to create a new subcommittee for “Communications & Promotion” – group agreed good idea – need to find someone
  9. Tom went over existing DEQ permit for Norway Ridge –
    1. Motion made to improve (4) sections of Norway that are in need of work and fall under the DEQ permit (Spencer/Tim)
    2. Tom will let Blake know TBTA approved and would like to move forward with repairs at Norway under the DEA permit.
  10. Youth Ski program is a go for the upcoming season
  11. Other Notes:
    1. Hal and Jennifer need articles for the newsletter by no later than November
    2. Tom to put up notice for Norway trail work this Sunday afternoon (09/17/17)
    3. Need to measure board on long boardwalk at Norway that keeps popping up. Randy may have the material needed to repair this.
    4. Need to pick a date in October for Aplex Trail Work (Sunday afternoon)
    5. Topics Chip Race for 2018:
      1. Possible Triple Crown series in conjunction with The Highlander and Bear Claw Epic
      2. Earlier start time
  • Possible discount for return rider bringing a new rider with them
  1. Marshal has a marketing person that may be able to assist with promotion
  1. Meeting Adjournment 7:45 PM