Monthly Archives: January 2018

Fat Bike Groomer Is finished

Our Fat Bike Groomer is finally repaired thanks to Steven’s Custom Fabrication and an extra big thank you to Tim Rumbles of Northern Abstract & Title Agency for your generous donation of $460.00 to get the work done. All us fat bikers owe you!

January Meeting Minutes

TBTA Meeting Minutes -January 4, 2018

Board Members Present

  • Tom Dowd
  • Jeff Blumenthal
  • Tim Rumbles
  • Stan Mischley
  • Ron Anderson
  • Bob Niedzwiecki
  • Spencer Mendel
  • Dennis Vesotski
  • Mary Reichardt
  • Joe Houle

Also in attendance

  • Mike Dipzinski
  • Hal Butler
  • Jen Butler
  • Randy Fairbanks
  • Blake G

Meeting Notes