February Meeting Minutes

TBTA Meeting Minutes – February 1, 2018

 Board Members Present: Tom Dowd, Jeff Blumenthal, Tim Rumbles, Spencer Mendel, Stan Mischley, Bob Niedzwiecki, Wayne Christopherson, Dennis Vesotski, Dr. Mary Reichardt,

Also in attendance: Hal Butler, Jennifer Butler, Randy Fairbanks, Shannon Johnson, Brendan Dowd

Meeting Notes:

  1. Meeting called to order 6:10 PM (motion to accept by Tim/second by Wayne)
  2. Treasurers Report (Stan)
    1. Reported there was a mistake in the last report- corrected error to update current balance
    2. Total balance on hand $1,499.96

(Meeting notes recap from last meeting (Tom) (motion to accept by Spencer/second by Jeff)

Committee Reports

  1. Ski Grooming Report – (Jeff)
    1. Not much to report – very little snow, no “good” snow recently
  2. Memberships (Tim)
    1. 2018 to date – 50 Individual/household & 14 Corporate memberships (note a few of the corporate memberships have been for $200 or more)
      1. 2017 had a total of 105 memberships
    2. Communications (Tom)
      1. Nothing new to report
    3. Special Events (Tom)
      1. Winter Fatbike Race
        1. Race went well, good publicity, had 20 racers sign up, police escort to start the race, started at Austin Brothers, awards at Austin Brothers.
        2. Big thank you to all of the volunteers that helped with the race!
  • Tom to get video/pics from the race posted to the TBTA web/facebook page for promotion.
  1. Chippewa Hills MTB race planning schedule
    1. Tom to meet and work with MMBA to pump Chippewa Hills race info to other bike shops/races
    2. Tom to send group email of Chippewa Hills logo for second round of approval to narrow down new logo for the race
  • Tom to talk to Marshall to see if he can use his connections with the Iceman race coordinators to get some promotion for the Chippewa Hills race.
  1. Chippewa Hills MTB race to be held 09/08/18
  2. Intent is to duplicate the winter bike race web link for the Chippewa Hills MTB race
  3. Need to evaluate race fees for 2018 to make it in line with other similar races
  • Tom to check in with Steve Schultz (Ride the Highlander Race) to see how communication is going with the group in Traverse City to join in a triple crown race series.
  • Tom to check with Blake about the possibility of a “Lantern Ski” this season.
  1. Trails (Spencer/Dennis)
    1. Work bees currently scheduled for the spring (dates may change depending upon weather and trail needs after the winter season):
      1. Sunday April 8, 2018 – Norway Ridge
      2. Sunday April 15, 2018 – Norway Ridge
  • Sunday April 22, 2018 – Chippewa Hills
  1. Sunday April 29, 2018 – Chippewa Hills

Old Business:

  1. Youth Ski Club (Jeff)
    1. Week 1 was moved to the gold course due to lack of snow behind the APLEX. 48 kids and adults participating in the ski.
    2. Cancelled the second week due to lack of snow and poor conditions (sheer ice)
    3. Jeff looking for volunteers for 2/11/18.
      1. Randy/Tom volunteered to groom if available
      2. Wayne, Hal, Jen, Gary all will help cover if Jeff is not present
    4. MMBA Membership/IMBA Conference Call (Tom/Spencer)
      1. Found out they may send trail building experts to assist on trail building days
      2. Offer trail mapping software
      3. Can assist with notifications to target a larger audience (race promotion, TBTA promotion)
      4. Tom to discuss with Melissa – further details to follow
    5. Chippewa Hills MTB Race logo (discussed earlier – group working on new logo approval)

New Business

  1. Summer Events and trail work bees
    1. Tour of Trails
      1. Norway Ridge, Chippewa Hills, Rockport
      2. Scheduled for Saturday July 14, 2018
  • Would like to make this year a more “festive” event
    1. Possibly have food truck, games staged at Norway as a main base location
  1. Tom asked Shannon to join us. She is an accountant that can assist us with tax implications.
    1. MMBA will create other accountability issues that we will need to review.
    2. She can also help the TBTA maintain our non-profit status..
  • Tom to work with Stan on record keeping.

Adjournment – motion by Tim/second by Spencer – Meeting ended at 7:30