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Tour Alpena County’s MTB Trails Fund Raiser

Rail Trail Bridge Pano

Saturday July 23rd 2016 at 8am Ride all the single track in Alpena County starting at Rockport ~ Norway Ridge Pathway ~ Chippewa Hills Pathway

The day would begin at 8am at Rockport State Rec Area doing one 7 mile loop around the quarry, then jumping in your vehicle and driving to Norway Ridge Pathway where you would do an lap approx. 7 miles then back into your vehicle on to Chippewa Hills Pathway for a lap of 7 to 10 miles.
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Bolger Legislative UpdateTransportation funding reform is a top priority for Governor Snyder and the Michigan Legislature in 2013. Sadly, only a month into the new legislative session, there are already concerns about potential attacks on non-motorized funding. House Speaker Jase Bolger, made the following statement earlier this week in his Legislative Update email:

Furthermore, I have had serious talks recently with our Congressional delegation regarding the elimination of the strings that our federal government attaches to our road money, including non-motorized requirements such as bike paths, turn lanes, tension barriers in the median, beautification projects and more. Additionally, where such non-motorized mandates are in place, we should look to other sources than road funding to meet these requirements.

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