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Tour Alpena County’s MTB Trails Fund Raiser

Rail Trail Bridge Pano

Saturday July 23rd 2016 at 8am Ride all the single track in Alpena County starting at Rockport ~ Norway Ridge Pathway ~ Chippewa Hills Pathway

The day would begin at 8am at Rockport State Rec Area doing one 7 mile loop around the quarry, then jumping in your vehicle and driving to Norway Ridge Pathway where you would do an lap approx. 7 miles then back into your vehicle on to Chippewa Hills Pathway for a lap of 7 to 10 miles.
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Outside the Box Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

cameraawesomephotoIf you’ve worked on a bike shop sales floor, it has happened to you.

Someone walks in and says, “I’m not really a rider, but my [insert family member description, friend, co-worker, etc.] is and they said they wanted something for riding for [insert holiday being celebrated, birthday, anniversary, etc.]“

The next few minutes are spent in an often awkward dance of product suggestions and polite declines. The reason, of course, is that the suggestions are things that the would-be gift recipient has, or they have one like it, or it isn’t really right for the riding they do–probably (“what’s that called where you go really fast downhill over rocks and trees?”), or it’s something the sales person really likes and thinks would be a great gift but it’s outside the gift giver’s budget. (If you’re me, this works both ways. I once recommended what I thought was a great Christmas gift for a dedicated roadie–a full winter kit, head to toe, from Castelli. The shopper only got the jersey…and a bike to go with it.)
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