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Aliferis Memorial Race – September 3, 2016

The 15th Annual Aliferis Memorial Race is open to runners, walkers, and bikers of all ages and ab11822673_10153144187189389_6359843295473297701_nility levels. Registration fees range from $20 – $70 based on event and date of registration. Discounts available for early registration.

Events include Duathlon,5K Run, Bike Race (26 miles), Bike Tour (6 miles), and 1-mile Run/Walk

Register online for the 2016 Aliferis Memorial Race.

We again are offering a Family Rate (immediate family only). To take advantage of this discounted rate, register for one person, selecting “Family Rate” under Events. We will contact you regarding specific events and the names and ages of additional family members.
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Tour Alpena County’s MTB Trails Fund Raiser

Rail Trail Bridge Pano

Saturday July 23rd 2016 at 8am Ride all the single track in Alpena County starting at Rockport ~ Norway Ridge Pathway ~ Chippewa Hills Pathway

The day would begin at 8am at Rockport State Rec Area doing one 7 mile loop around the quarry, then jumping in your vehicle and driving to Norway Ridge Pathway where you would do an lap approx. 7 miles then back into your vehicle on to Chippewa Hills Pathway for a lap of 7 to 10 miles.
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1st Annual Michigan Bicycling Expo – January 26, 2014

Michigan Mountain Biking Association to team up with League of Michigan Bicyclists and Michigan Trails & Greenways Association

mtga_logo_162 Blue-with-Bikes mmba_logo

When:  January 26, 2014
Michigan State University Pavilion 4301 Farm Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824

The Michigan Bicycling Expo is open to the general public. It is a great opportunity to connect with passionate cyclists of all disciplines, find great deals with the vendors, and to celebrate the advocacy efforts of the past year.
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More miles added to U.S. Bicycle Route System

The U.S. Bicycle Route System continues to get longer. The addition of three new routes in Minnesota, Missouri and USBRSKentucky means the bicycle network now covers 5,612 miles in 10 states.

A special committee of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has approved the numbering of US Bicycle Route 45 in Minnesota, and USBR 76 in Missouri and Kentucky.

The U.S. Bicycle Route System will one day connect major cities and attractions in all 50 states along numbered bicycle-friendly routes. The Adventure Cycling Association is coordinating efforts of volunteers and state officials to accomplish this network of more than 50,000 miles.
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Studies show bike commuting more effective than gym workout

30-Days-of-Bike-Pledge-LogoAs word spread about Sunday’s article in Grist Magazine* offering scientific proof that bicycle commuting can be a more effective exercise than the typical health club workout, thousands of cyclists worldwide turned collectively to their significant others and exclaimed “see, I told you my cycling obsession wasn’t unhealthy!”

The author of the post, bicycling enthusiast and journalist Jay Walljasper, began by saying “It’s always a pleasure when scientific studies confirm your own long-held opinions, especially when what you think flies in the face of all conventional wisdom.” Finally, scientific proof!
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How Much Driving Is Avoided When Someone Rides a Bike?

by Tanya Snyder, Streetsblog’s Capitol Hill editor

If Jane Doe rides her bike a mile to the post office and then back home, is it fair to assume she just avoided two miles of driving? And can we then assume that she prevented 2.2 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted?

Photo: Bike Reviews

That’s more or less the way most agencies calculate averted vehicle-miles traveled. One mile biked is one mile not driven.
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Biking | A Pure Michigan Summer

This fits perfectly with the message that we promote right here.


4th March 2013 “Complete Streets – What’s Next?” Forum to be Held on March 7 in Lansing

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance and Michigan Fitness Foundation as part of the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability funded by a HUD grant for the Tri-County Region will host a forum on complete streets on Thursday, March 7, from 6-8 p.m. at the Foster Center in Lansing.

The statewide Complete Streets law has taken the state by storm, with over 80 communities approving local Complete Streets policies, including seven in the Tri-County area. The topics for discussion include how the Michigan Department of Transportation is implementing the state law and how Complete Streets communities are moving to the next stage of implementation. Speakers for the event are Sarah Panken, Active Communities Director at Michigan Fitness Foundation and Andrew Kilpatrick, Traffic Engineer, for the City of Lansing.March 7th flyer revised.
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On Friday, Governor Rick Snyder announced his plans to install an Emergency Finance Manager or EFM in the city EFM-photoof Detroit.

There are many varied opinions on this, but we’ll just look at it from a cycling and trails perspective just as we did with the earlier consent agreement.

The Mayor’s office and City Council have been very supportive of making the city more bike friendly and more walkable. There’s not another city in Metro Detroit that’s doing more. So from a high-level perspective, an EFM reduces their influence and could potentially derail some of this positive momentum.
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House Bill Would Limit the Rights of Michigan Bicyclists

House Bill 4086 proposes to change a single word of the highway exception to governmental immunity in a manner that would limit the rights of cyclists and pedestrians.

Under Michigan law, citizens are barred from suing governmental entities for property damage or injuries sustained by a governmental entity’s negligence, unless the governmental entity’s negligent conduct falls within a narrowly drawn michigan_house_of_representativesexception to the general rule that governmental entities are immune from liability. One recognized exception is what is commonly referred to as the “highway exception,” which states:
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Bolger Legislative UpdateTransportation funding reform is a top priority for Governor Snyder and the Michigan Legislature in 2013. Sadly, only a month into the new legislative session, there are already concerns about potential attacks on non-motorized funding. House Speaker Jase Bolger, made the following statement earlier this week in his Legislative Update email:

Furthermore, I have had serious talks recently with our Congressional delegation regarding the elimination of the strings that our federal government attaches to our road money, including non-motorized requirements such as bike paths, turn lanes, tension barriers in the median, beautification projects and more. Additionally, where such non-motorized mandates are in place, we should look to other sources than road funding to meet these requirements.

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Detroit Wheelmen: Fundraising to build a Clubhouse

The Detroit Bicycle Club was the city’s first in 1879. These were the day’s of

Detroit Wheelmen Clubhouse at 53 E. Adams

Detroit Wheelmen Clubhouse at 53 E. Adams

highwheeler bicycles that appealed to young adventurous men but few others.

In fact L.J. Bates, the club’s first president wrote in that tricycles would eventually become more popular since they attracted a wider audience. A Free Press editorial from 1883 made the same prediction with this verbose attack on highwheelers.
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