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Tour Alpena County’s MTB Trails Fund Raiser

Rail Trail Bridge Pano

Saturday July 23rd 2016 at 8am Ride all the single track in Alpena County starting at Rockport ~ Norway Ridge Pathway ~ Chippewa Hills Pathway

The day would begin at 8am at Rockport State Rec Area doing one 7 mile loop around the quarry, then jumping in your vehicle and driving to Norway Ridge Pathway where you would do an lap approx. 7 miles then back into your vehicle on to Chippewa Hills Pathway for a lap of 7 to 10 miles.
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Pump Tracks, Downhill and Trail projects!

Motorcycle crashes into two bicyclists on blind curve

A motorcyclist crashed into two bicyclists when rounding a blind curve on Mulholland Highway, north of Malibu, Calif. Everyone who was involved in the accident are OK and only suffered minor injuries.

We share this video with everyone to remind them that we all need to be very aware and ever so careful that motorized vehicles are not the only ones on the road now that the weather is nicer.

Detroit Wheelmen: Fundraising to build a Clubhouse

The Detroit Bicycle Club was the city’s first in 1879. These were the day’s of

Detroit Wheelmen Clubhouse at 53 E. Adams

Detroit Wheelmen Clubhouse at 53 E. Adams

highwheeler bicycles that appealed to young adventurous men but few others.

In fact L.J. Bates, the club’s first president wrote in that tricycles would eventually become more popular since they attracted a wider audience. A Free Press editorial from 1883 made the same prediction with this verbose attack on highwheelers.
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