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Tour Alpena County’s MTB Trails Fund Raiser

Rail Trail Bridge Pano

Saturday July 23rd 2016 at 8am Ride all the single track in Alpena County starting at Rockport ~ Norway Ridge Pathway ~ Chippewa Hills Pathway

The day would begin at 8am at Rockport State Rec Area doing one 7 mile loop around the quarry, then jumping in your vehicle and driving to Norway Ridge Pathway where you would do an lap approx. 7 miles then back into your vehicle on to Chippewa Hills Pathway for a lap of 7 to 10 miles.
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Detroit’s Regional Planners Need to Kick the Highway Habit

by Angie Schmitt

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. But the people who shape the future of greater

The last thing greater Detroit needs is $4 billion worth of freeways. Image:

The last thing greater Detroit needs is $4 billion worth of freeways. Image:

Detroit — despite all the urban flight, sprawl, and decline they’ve seen – just can’t seem to acknowledge that they have an addiction to big highway projects. On the agenda Thursday for the regional planning commission, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, are two highway expansion plans that will cost an astounding $4 billion combined.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the m-bike blog, but you already knew that right?

AR-130119851.jpg&MaxW=620Bikes, walkability and good transit are keys to forming an effective urban transportation system.

The shortcomings of Detroit’s transit — built on the DDOT and SMART buses systems and People Mover — are well documented.

We wish the M1 RAIL would be complement, but from all that we know to date, it won’t be. In many ways, it will diminish the urban transportation system.
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Workshops Announced for National Bike Summit

The National Bike Summit has a long history of being the premier advocacy event of workshop-announcementthe year — and we couldn’t be more excited about the line-up for 2013.

First of all, thank you to the many people who shared great session ideas in our call for proposals. We wish we could incorporate all of them — and did our best to include at least some aspect the vast majority of your diverse submissions.

We’ve just released the list of confirmed workshop topics and it’s possibly the most dynamic program yet.
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Greater Grace Temple giving away 150 bikes

Once again Greater Grace Temple is really stepping forward to help get more Detroit 340kids on bikes. With the help of Happy’s Pizza, Detroit Lion Joique Bell, and Tigers mascot PAWS, they’re giving away 150 bicycles “to children from financially struggling families.”

The bicycle giveaway is this Sunday after church service. The families in need have already been selected.

This giveaway has done on for many years now. Greater Grace Temple has given out over 2,500 bicycles.
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