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Chippewa Hills Logging Update

Message from Blake Gingrich – Unit Supervisor MDNR-Parks and Rec.:

Chippewa Hills Harvest started last week.  The loggers are currently working in the “H” block (see attached map) and plan on moving into E next week.  The specs from Forest Resources Division require the loggers to quit working by December 15th but if there is no snow will be allowed to stay longer to avoid impacting the skiers.  Once we get 4 “inches or so all operation will be stopped.
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Thunder Bay Trails Board Meeting Minutes Feb 2nd 2017

See the link to view the meeting minutes from the board members meeting earlier this month.  These meeting are open to all members and you are encouraged to attend.  Currently the meeting are schedule for the first Thursday of ever month at 6pm at Alpena Community College.


January 5th 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2017 TBTA Meeting ACC Room 116
Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm. Roll call: Present—Jeff B, Randy F, Stan M, Wayne C, Bob N, Spence M, Mary R, Dennis V, Ron A, Tim R, Bobby B, Tom D Absent: Scott B, Mike A.
Others present: Blake Gingrich, Parks/Rec TBTA members: Melissa M, Dave B, Chris C, Hal/Jennifer Butler.
Minutes from Dec. 8 2016 meeting were read by Wayne C. CORRECTION—Reference to TBTA CfNEM Fund should have read –the Chuck Ingle fund in Northeast Comm. Foundation has $2200 available for use by TBTA. Minutes approved as corrected.
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1st Buffered Bike Lanes Come to Michigan – Cyclists Celebrate in Lansing

Ribbon cutting for newly replaced M-43 Saginaw Hwy bridge over the Grand RIver in Lansing. L to R: Andy Kilpatrick – City of Lansing Transportation Engineer, Lisa Benck – Westside Commercial Association Chair, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, Jessica Yorko – 4th Ward Councilwomen, Stephen Palmer – Lansing Transportation Service Center Manager for MDOT, and Greg Losch – MDOT Construction Engineer, Lansing Transportation Service Center.

New Northwestern Highway Buffered Bicycle Lane: Enhancing Mobility for Oakland County Bicyclists

Green pavement markings at right turn lanes along the new buffered bike lane on M-10 in Oakland County.  The green paint are intended to help bicyclists and motorists navigate the “conflict area” between the bike lane and turn lane. Photo taken during construction of M-10 buffered bike lane in Oakland County.

October 13 Metro Detroit Event to Help Injured Triathlete and Highlight Issue of Car-Bike Accidents

October 13 is the day triathlete and Westland resident Amy Gluck would have competed in her fifth World Triathlon Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Instead, Amy continues a long, slow recovery after being hit by a gravel hauler during a training ride September 15. The accident left her in intensive care with severe injuries, including a head injury and multiple broken bones. Friends, triathletes and cyclists will come together October 13 at Island Lake State Recreation Area in Brighton, MI for a Benefit Fundraising Ride to support Amy and her long road of recovery. Cost to participate is $30 per person and all proceeds go support Amy’s needs as she recovers. Continue reading “October 13 Metro Detroit Event to Help Injured Triathlete and Highlight Issue of Car-Bike Accidents” »

Would You Like to See More Bikes in Your Community?

In the last two weeks we’ve posted two PNC Neighborhood Wishlist campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Both campaigns will help increase cycling in the communities where the project is targeted. 

In the first Wishlist campaign we posted, run by Tom Philllips of Ann Arbor called ‘Get Out And Ride!’, seeks to install two public bike repair stations around the community to encourage people to ride more, knowing there is help nearby in these repair stands. Continue reading “Would You Like to See More Bikes in Your Community?” »