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January Meeting Minutes

TBTA Meeting Minutes -January 4, 2018

Board Members Present

  • Tom Dowd
  • Jeff Blumenthal
  • Tim Rumbles
  • Stan Mischley
  • Ron Anderson
  • Bob Niedzwiecki
  • Spencer Mendel
  • Dennis Vesotski
  • Mary Reichardt
  • Joe Houle

Also in attendance

  • Mike Dipzinski
  • Hal Butler
  • Jen Butler
  • Randy Fairbanks
  • Blake G

Meeting Notes

Thunder Bay Trails Board Meeting Minutes Feb 2nd 2017

See the link to view the meeting minutes from the board members meeting earlier this month.  These meeting are open to all members and you are encouraged to attend.  Currently the meeting are schedule for the first Thursday of ever month at 6pm at Alpena Community College.


Improve Your Community’s Health by Designing for Physical Activity

Bikeable and walkable communities provide safe and active opportunities for transportation. Use the Promoting Active Communities (PAC) program to assess your community’s active living infrastructure and implementation. New in 2013, your community will receive a Complete Streets Score; use the PAC assessment to evaluate your community’s current Complete Streets initiatives and receive feedback on ways to improve the safety and accessibility of your roads. Complete the PAC assessment and see where your community’s active living policies, programs and built environments rank among like-sized Michigan communities. Continue reading “Improve Your Community’s Health by Designing for Physical Activity” »

Ann Arbor to Launch Bike Sharing in 2013

Ann Arbor is preparing to launch Michigan’s first advanced technology bike share system in 2013. The successes of recently developed bike share systems in DC, Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Boulder and Madison has generated excitement in cities across the US interested in providing integrated multimodal transportation options for residents, commuters and visitors.  Bike sharing, when integrated effectively with public transit, can aid in reducing congestion, and improving air quality, public health, and economic activity.  Ann Arbor’s system will be designed to service the downtown and University of Michigan’s central campus during the initial system design. Erica Briggs, LMB board member and project manager for Clean Energy…
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At the Summit: Bringing Biking Minds Together

When I attended my first National Bike Summit (NBS) in 2011, it was mostly out of curiosity. Did this gathering have anything to offer me in insight and inspiration that I could put into action to enhance my company’s commitment to this alternative mode of transportation? The answer I found left me eagerly awaiting Summit 2012.

The most exciting thing about the Summit is that it brings biking minds together as thought leaders. Leaders who are influential as policy makers. Leaders who approach Congress in its own backyard. Leaders who prepare and then provide our legislators with information that helps them understand why support for bicycling is critical to our communities. More than 800 advocates gather annually for that sole purpose. To…
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Bike Lanes – A Little Extra Information

Bike Lanes — So, Where are Drivers Supposed to Turn From?

The State Police Uniform Traffic Code prohibits parking in a marked bicycle lane, except where parking is permitted by official signs. Furthermore, it states, “a person shall not operate a vehicle on or across a bicycle lane, except to enter or leave adjacent property,” meaning that drivers are to make turns from the travel lane and not use the bike lane as a deceleration lane. Continue reading “Bike Lanes – A Little Extra Information” »

Midland Designated ‘Bicycle Friendly’

LMB’s John Lindenmayer presents Mayor Maureen Donker with a Bicycle Friendly Community Sign at Midland’s City Council Meeting, on Monday, December 3, 2012 surrounded by the city council and bicycle advocates that assisted Midland in earning this honor.In October, the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) recognized 28 new Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC), including Midland, Michigan. Midland, joins Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Houghton, Lansing, Marquette, Portage and Traverse City as previously recognized BFCs in Michigan. Continue reading “Midland Designated ‘Bicycle Friendly’” »

Promoting Active Living Through Bicycle Road Skills Course at U of M-Flint

To encourage more walking and biking on the campus of the University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint) and its host city, many groups including faculty, students, and staff have been working closely together on innovative non-motorized transportation projects. At the center of these efforts is the UM-Flint Walk and Bike Work Group, which was formed to foster the support of safe, non-motorized transportation initiatives, policies, and infrastructure across the campus and the greater Flint area. Increased walking and bicycling will lead to reduced congestion on campus; enhance local and regional transportation options for current students, staff, and faculty; aid in attracting future students; and ultimately lead to a safer and healthier…
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MDOT RFP on Economic Impact Study of Bicycling in Michigan

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to assist in an expanded economic impact study of bicycling in Michigan. 

The study will occur in two phases, beginning in January 2013. Phase One will:

“research and quantify the extent of economic impacts bicycling has on a community and the state as a whole. Findings will be used independently by business owners, perspective business owners, or by local, regional and state government decision makers and planners to measure, evaluate and track over time, the extent to which local, regional and statewide economic and community benefits have been influenced by bicycling or bicycle infrastructure. Collect and evaluate…
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Trail Projects Win Big With the Natural Resources Trust Fund on Dec. 5!

From Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance:

A total of $4,810,000 in trail development was approved at the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund board meeting along with $120,000 in acquisition dollars for the North Bank Trail a total of almost $5 million.

Among the winners today for trail development were:

Fred Meijer Clinton Ionia Shiawassee Trail
Pere Marquette Trail (Reed City to Baldwin)
Indiana-Michigan River Valley Trail (Niles Twp.) Continue reading “Trail Projects Win Big With the Natural Resources Trust Fund on Dec. 5!” »