BOBBY BRADY AND THANE WHITCELL – Day 3……… Minor to Charlottesville

Friday May 3, 2013, 63 miles (101 km) – Total so far: 208 miles (335 km)

Due to a mechanical issue we didn’t leave Minor until 3pm. The 63 mile trek to Charlottesville was finished after the sun had gone down. Much of the day was spent on narrow undulating roads as we watched the scenery change from battlefields to brick homes filled with beautiful children laughing and playing in fenced in yards.Bobby & ThaneNear the end of our journey we saw her. Off to our right. Trying to kiss the sky as we suffered brilliantly up a climb through an incredible hardwood forest. I had never climbed that far or for that amount of time before this day and I knew, as we all knew, what lies ahead.Tomorrow we attempt to make the climb up and over Mt. Afton. She sits near the entrance of the Blue Ridge Parkway Most agree it’s the most brutal climb of this entire adventure.

It’s now 11:30 pm. I can’t sleep thinking about this adventure. The beauty of this life. Today I saw hundreds of caterpillars as I looked down onto roads pointing upward and I thought to myself, “What an incredible gift it is. Being alone in my head. The only sounds I hear are the slight hum of the wheels and my own breath. Why do these caterpillars feel the need to cross the road. What is so interesting that they will risk everything just to traverse the 30 feet of pavement.
Why do I want to climb this

mountain tomorrow. Maybe like the caterpillars I saw today I have some instinctive desire that is driving this thing. And maybe, just maybe, I will travel at the same pace as these caterpillars. Never stopping until the unknown becomes crystal clear.