Day 2…..Glendale to Mineral: Thursday May 2, 2013 84 Miles….. Total miles 151

Thursday May 2, 2013, 84 miles (135 km) – Total so far: 145 miles (234 km)

I am writing this journal entry a day late. No internet connection. I do foresee this to happen again so please do not call your internet provider yelling at them about Thanes lack of a journal page today. For those of you who care, the pages will keep coming as connections allow

We said good bye to Willis United Methodist Church around 7:30 am. As we cycled past the gas station /”hey, I bet they have coffee in there” about a mile into the day both Boo and Chester decided to make the right turn into the driveway.Our bicycles started the day still traveling through history. Canons sitting three and four in fields marked with historic signs dotted the rolling hills. Although some of the rolling hills pitched upwards at grades of 10-12% most rolled along at a modest 4-6%. We all know the mountains await us in a few short days but not one of us said a word as the sweat beaded up and rolled off our foreheads on these little “bumps” in the road today.

About 35 miles into the day we came upon a battlefield/tourist destination with a bus load of folks all gathered around a massive old oak tree. I figured this beautiful old tree may have dated back to the war itself although that is probably just what my mind would like my soul to believe.

As I slowed to a stop to take a pic or two my right shoe calmly said goodbye to the steel cleat that held it to the pedal. My left shoe took a slightly different approach however. I suspect that any true cyclist that is reading this right now have a slight smile on their face because they know exactly what my next sentence will contain. For any of you that are not avid cyclist I will, try to paint a little picture. Kinda like Vincent Van Gogh but there is no way in hell I’m cutting my ear off!

If the cleat on the bottom of your shoe fails to release from the pedal, what happens is this. The person riding, the bicycle and all the 52 pounds of crap that is packed into the panniers attached to the bike begin a ride of their own. It all happens in slow motion. First you realize that gravity has now dictated that this entire setup, including YOU, is going to fall to the left until the concrete paved road says “Hello, you are kind of a dumbass. Would you like me to bloody your leg and arm?”

And in the five seconds it actually takes to hit the pavement you think to yourself “This is taking so damn long that I actually have time to peel the banana that is in my rear pack”

I asked our new riding buddy Greg to photograph the blood as it worked its way toward my show and he obliged. Hugs to you Greg.
Our final destination for the night was supposed to be the cyclist friendly fire/rescue station in Mineral. However, as I am sure we will discover time and time again on this journey, the best laid plans often go up in smoke like a scene from an old Cheech and Chong movie.

This is the one and only three day stretch in the year that there is simply no room for a weary traveler at the inn. So, the three amigos are stealth camping at a park area just out of town. Hey the price is right and the woods just to the west of us are an awesome place to………. Umm. Add some hydration the forest floor. Yea, that’s it.

I can say this in total honesty. The forest of Oak and Beach trees that we cycled past today were breath taking. The people we met along the journey were over the top friendly and I will forever remember the quote from lunch by an awesome local named Andy Kennedy.

In an incredible southern accent he has perfected over his 75 years on this earth he spoke these words of wisdom to me as I inhaled a fried bologna sandwich and a pound of potato salad. “I will tell ya something Thaaaneee, ahh say, ifen you wannnt sumethin ah say why the hell waaitt till Chrsmas! Ya go on out an byyy it”

Tomorrow we ride on. Today is a precious memory. Thane