Day 18 Thanes Blog: the singing of frogs

Sunday May 19, 2013

The young man at the restaurant that we chatted up last night was right when he told us about “Dat bigg hill we was fixen ta go up overrrr dat waaaayyyy”. The 2 mile climb came about 7 miles from the start of our day but before that we made an awesome 10 minuet photo op stop at the childhood home of Abraham Lincoln!

What a freaking awesome opportunity. I guess if I would have done any research at all about these types of historical sighting along the way it would not have come as such a shock but since I was not that smart.

The only other major climb was a really short piece of pain about 50 miles in. This crazy ass bend in the road pitched at least 25% and was kinda broken into two sections. A switchback that pitched to the left at probably 20% for 5 minutes. Then when you rounded that corner it pitched at least to 25% for another 10 minutes or so. This is the stuff that heart attacks are made of. And I thought the roads in central Kentucky were flattening out. Not this little section!We had an interesting conversation with an old dude who showed us where his grandpa brewed “Dat moonnnnshiine”. “Hee wasss a breein the reeeel stuuufff”. Unfortunately for gramps, the feds found his still and blew it up with dynamite. “Den dem boyyys thrw himmm inn daa jaaail foooor boouut 6 munths”

I also had another conversation with dude at a convince store who played drums with the great blues guitarist legend B.B. King. 20 miles after that I had a conversation with a 17 year old Amish young man about the life in the Amish community in Kentucky. Unfortunately I couldn’t snap a photo of his face. Amish rules you know!

10 miles after that I had an internal conversation with the dude that decided to build a section of road that pitched vertical at well over 20%. I am quite sure he had a stash of grandpa’s moonshine (yuall knowww, ther reeeeall stuffff) and was hitting on it the day he designed that little switchback.

Of course we got rained on again for a while but after a brief conversation with clouds they saw the error of their ways and decided to hold a little water vapor back for us to unenjoy another day in the near future.
Our home for the night is a really nice campground about a mile out of McDaniel’s KY As I am typing this from the comfy picnic table in total darknes at 11pm I am smiling.

The sounds of campfires around me can be heard along with beautiful laughter of families I will never know but have touched my soul. The singing of frogs and crickets is the music filling my senses.

I am thankful for this day. I spent most of the day riding a bicycle with an incredible friend from home and an incredible new friend from far far away. I am a lucky Grampy. A damn lucky Grampy indeed