Day 19 Thane’s Blog: running with the turtlesBobby & Thane

Tuesday May 21, 2013

I must admit something. The badass cycling dudes band of brothers kicked some serious Kentucky roads butt today. BoooyyaahhhLast night we made the decision to set the alarm for 5 am. For reasons unknown we were all actually up and packing up the tents up even before it went off.By 6 am we had breakfast in us and were cycling west. The mornings ride consisted of hill after hill after hill. Each on interrupted by another hill climb.

Today, the dudes made at least 6 turtle saves. Most of these little creatures saw fit to try to cross the road at the base of big climbs which meant we had to put the brakes on during a descent. Get off the bike. Make the rescue. Get back on the bike and head upward. It’s all good though! Turtle saving is a priority on this adventure.

By 11 am the temperature had risen to 90 degrees. By 2 pm it topped out at 104 degrees but it could not stop the badass cycling dudes. Our original intent was to make the run to Utica but when we got there we called the brotherhood to a meeting in a convenience store and decided to push on another 26 miles to Sebree. That gave us total mileage for the day of 80.

We are staying at a local church which totally caters to traveling cyclist. Pastor Bob and his wife Violet are true gifts to us all. Violet is actually going to prepare us a meal after she finishes running a bible study upstairs. If you are a transam cyclist going either direction I suggest you think about making this an overnight stop. Another oasis of love along the way.

I did have an awesome conversation with a 50 something woman with two teeth who was running a convenience store along the route. She and one of the locals were discussing the massive Kentucky state lottery. Apparently someone from the state of Florida just won it last night. Now the woman with two teeth and a slight smell of cigarette smoke told me she must continue to work for a living. She was pretty stoked though because she won one dollar yesterday playing lottery! Oh my!

Tonight we eat like kings. Sleep on a mattress. Try to catch up on blogging and maybe make a plan to keep heading west tomorrow. I’m really stoked with what these old dudes accomplished on a bicycle today. And I absolutely stoked we are still together.

Oh! One final thought. I turned another miles stone today. 1000 miles rolled around on my cateye cycle computer. Yea baby.

Day Nineteen Bobby’s Blog

Sunday May 19, 2013

I raised my saddle up 1/8″ and back 1/8″ and in two days no knee problems.I know I am getting stronger cause I can now get my leg over the top tube of my bike without grunting.Ideal cycling conditions for me today near 100 degrees and short rolling hills and very little wind. We had planned to overnight in Utica,KY tonight but Fred messaged us and said if we had another 20 miles in our legs we should press on to Sebree,KY and stay with Pastor Bob and his wife Violet. We did just that and thanks Fred for this wonderful experience. They opened their church,their home and their hearts to us and I must say after 80 hot miles in the saddle I was overwhelmed by the generosity of this ministry.

Tomorrow I will go to the post office here and pick up my new phone of which I’ve been without for the past two weeks. I have grown so accustomed to using that phone for so many things I don’t know how I could live without it.

Our bellies are full and we have the church to ourselves and I think it’s time to hit the sack. So tired when we get in each day.

Tomorrow we will be in IL