BOBBY AND THANE TACKLE THE TRANSAM Day 29 Marshfield to Golden City

Day Twenty Nine Thane’s Blog: rated pg-13

Wednesday May 29, 2013, 84 miles (135 km) – Total so far: 1,579 miles (2,541 km)

First and foremost, I need to start this journal entry with a disclaimer. If you are offended by the use of the f-bomb then please skip today’s random cycling thoughts from the road. Not to worry however, after I get this rant out of my system I actually have other things flowing past my pint sized brain.The owner of the dog had a log grey beard and as we traveled up a huge hill at 4mph we crested it and his fucking dog ran from our left. I have been meaning to write about dogs on this trip since our first run in with them in the state of Kentucky but since Bobby is such a huge lover of dogs I have held my tongue. I can no longer contain my thoughts.

This dude’s dog ran out and bit into Bobby’s left pannier. Thank god it was not his leg! Bobby then did exactly what you should do. Dismount and put the bike between you and the dog. It was at that moment that the dog’s owner came over and shouted a little something at the dog.

Then he said the statement that I will never forget…………. ‘Yea, that dog don’t like cyclist much. He got mace once or twice’. Thought to myself, once or twice! Why the hell don’t you keep that fucking dog tied up if you know this is an ongoing problem?

Truly, the only reason I didn’t say that out load was the fact that we were still climbing the Ozark Mountain range and that meant often times my top speed is 4mph. Not nearly fast enough to out run this guy’s shotgun pellets. I’m just truly glad that Bobby did the right thing at the right time and nobody was injured. There, I am done with my rant. And I promise no more f-bombs in this segment.

The badass band of cycling dudes laid down some serious mileage today. 85 miles in these mountains was an incredible accomplishment. For better or worse, we have officially left the Ozark’s behind. As we cycled into the town of Golden City I put my head down and went for the sprint. Something I have not done this entire journey. Even after the brutality of the climbs today when I looked down at the speedometer I saw 26.5 looking back. Truth be known, it saddened my soul.

I have grown to love climbing. I don’t know why. I truly don’t know why. There was not Adeline rush in pushing a loaded bike on a flat with a slight tailwind at 26.5 mph. It is true; these mountains have hardened my mind and body to the point where I could sprint like that on a bike that weighs eight pounds but that fact held no happiness. So what. Big deal.

The brutality of climbing has changed me as a cyclist. I will forever be indebted to the Appalachian and the Ozark Mountains.

We stopped by Cookies restaurant here in Golden City as soon as we hit town. Tails of this place are epic and all true. Incredible food. Incredible people.

Soon after that we headed to the beautiful city park. Set up our tents and got our home for the night in order. Two hours after that the pastor from a local church came down and warned us of a serious storm heading this way after midnight. We looked at one another and surmised that we r the badass band of cycling brothers and we would stay right here under the parks pavilion. About 20 minutes after he left another local came by the park and pretty much said the same thing that the pastor had said. Get your crap picked up and move to the church gym.

We all looked at one another and picked up or stuff and cycled like hell to town and the comfy confines of the gym at the church. Truly, the locals look out for traveling cyclists and I love them all more than they know.

If Mother Nature will allow we will definably be sleeping in the state of Kansas tomorrow night.

Day Twenty Nine Bobby’s Blog: Farewell to the Ozarks!!!!

Wednesday May 29, 2013, 84 miles (135 km) – Total so far: 1,579 miles (2,541 km)

Up early and on the road before 6am. That’s a first for us. We figured to ride a few miles than eat breakfast out on the road. Well the best laid plans, the restaurant in Fairgrove was closed so we had a pannier breakfast on the curb in front of the bank.

We then set off in search of lunch. This took us to Walnut Grove where we stopped at the only place to stop and snacked and loaded up on fluids. These places are so remote that you have to be prepared for them to be closed or out of business.

Next stop was the Copper Grill (formerly Willy’s) where we had a great lunch. Our destination for the day was to be Everton but it was only 2:30 when we got there so we decided we would push on to Golden City (made it 80 for the day)

In Golden we had supper at the TransAm famous “COOKIES” restaurant. This place is a must stop if you are on the route. The pie was fantastic. We got set up at the city park and the pastor came down and told us a bad storm was coming and we should move to the church. So that we did.

All in all it was another really tough day in the saddle slogging it up those hills but when we Got to Pennsboro the terrain flattened out and we picked up a tail wind that took us quickly into Golden City. We will hunker down and see what this storm brings.

I look forward to boring flat ground.jsmkq7_image

All day it was like this.

All day it was like this.

Signing the guest book.

Signing the guest book.

This little guy was just born when we happened upon them.

This little guy was just born when we happened upon them.