BOBBY AND THANE TACKLE THE TRANSAM Day 48: Hot Sulphur Springs to Walden

Day Fourty Eight Thane’s Blog: Magic

Monday June 17, 2013

We had to hang out in the morning a little later than we usually do. The one and only restaurant in town didn’t open until 7 am and this was the only food stop for the next 62 miles. I think is was around 8:30 before we actually started turning a pedal

I have to admit, we did do a fair amount of climbing today but the majority of it was in a place called the Arapaho National Forest. This place was incredible. View of pine trees growing out of the sides of beautiful rock cliffs. Rivers on both sides of the road at times forever meandering lazily along like a Sunday summers day. The longest of the climbs put us at the sign which indicated we were crossing the Continental Divide. As we made this climb thunder could be heard off to our right and an occasional crack of lighting helped push us along.

Everywhere you looked was beauty. The beauty of nature and it often took my breath away. This road and this magical place will forever live on in my heart as one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I was just so stoked and in awe of the time boo and I spent in here that I was truly saddened when our time here was up.

The last 23 miles of this 62 mile day were spent eating a very strong headwind but my mind kept going back to the climbs of the day and the beauty of Arapaho. Tomorrow we head for the town of Riverside.

Oh, one final thought. Today my odometer turned 2,500 miles. Booyyaaahhh!

beauty all around us

beauty all around us

ruffy finally found a moose in moose country

ruffy finally found a moose in moose country

Day Fourty Eight Bobby’s Blog

Monday June 17, 2013

What a great day we had today. 63 miles through some very beautiful country with some very beautiful people. We have Rich and Cissy with us again and we hooked up with a young couple from England Tom and Jena.Our little group of three swelled to 10 by the time we got set up and went to supper. Phil showed up he’s from Australia, then another young man whose name I can’t pronounce and is from Turkey.

That’s what I love most about this tour is the people we meet. You don’t stay with them all the time but come in and out of each others lives every few days. There is also a grapevine that riders pass information back and forth about other riders. Sooo fun.

We started the day with a great breakfast at The Glory Hole Restaurant (get your mind out of the gutter) it’s where all the big fish hang out in the river. This area is known for it’s fly fishing.

We had to stock up cause there is nothing between Hot Sulphur Springs and Walden. I shouldn’t say nothing we rode through some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen.

The ride up to The Great Divide (Willow Creek Pass) was made enjoyable by the music of Willow Creek. She sang to me all the way up. It made me think how blessed I am to be able to go and do whatever I want.

We had a nice photo op at the summit and made our way down to Rand where we anticipated a cold Gatorade at the Rand Store. Well that didn’t happen as they were closed. That happens a lot in these remote areas.

After leaving Rand we ran smack into a pretty wicked head wind with 20 miles to go yet to Walden. I figured my only chance for survival was to catch on to the back of that massive tandem captained by Rich and stoked by Cissy. I just about killed myself but I was able to grab on and they pulled me in to town. What a great team.