BOBBY AND THANE TACKLE THE TRANSAM Day Forty Nine: Walden to Riverside

Day Fourty Nine Thane’s Blog: Colorado in my rear view mirror

Tuesday June 18, 2013

This morning I woke up at the usual 5 am. Crawled out of the tent and thought, “Holy shit, its cold outside!” Yes, the thermometer read 39 degrees. Oh my! Welcome to summer in the mountains.After scoring a big breakfast at the café that just happened to open up at 6am we headed north. We scheduled a 50 mile day to Riverside Wyoming. Yea, that’s right, the incredible state of Colorado is now in my rear view mirror and to tell you the truth I am sad about that.I have so many incredible memories of the state of Colorado. Mountain beauty beyond belief. Climbs in the Rocky Mountains that went on forever and ever. Climbs that were not nearly as brutal as those of the east but once again reminded me of how much I truly have come to enjoy the art of climbing on a bicycle.

Canyons and gorges with rock formations that my camera fell in love with and their beauty will forever live in my soul. When I was not thinking about my family and friends I was silently hugging the beauty of Colorado. It saddens me that I will most likely never see any of these wonders of our natural world again.

I’m just thankful that my camera has captured these so that my mind will have a true reference when I need to revisit this journey to Colorado. Much of the day was spent with a slight tail wind which meant it was slightly easier to get lost in random thoughts of things other than eating headwinds or crosswinds. We have had very little tailwinds in the 49 days we have cycled so I am totally stoked to have ridden with it today.

Around these parts of Wyoming the locals say the wind rarely blows in any direction for very long so we will just take todays winds as a gift and prepare for something else tomorrow. Our destination for tomorrow is the town of Rollins.

Look out Rollins, the badass band of cycling dudes is heading your way. And beware; we are all after your chocolate milk stash! Yea, that’s right. Cause that’s how we roll!

Day Forty Nine Bobby’s Blog

Tuesday June 18, 2013

Wow good bye Rocky Mountain High. Woke up to a pretty frosty morning in Walden,WY. Didn’t take long to get things packed up and head for the diner for some oatmeal and toast. Notice the double orders of bacon and second breakfasts have disappeared.

As I was leaving the diner one of the ole timers in the cafe asked where we were headed and I said Riverside then on to Rawlings. He said you better stock up on water cause where you’re going even the jackrabbits carry canteens.

We hit the road with a nice tail wind and a long down hill. As I was getting closer to the WY border I felt a kind of sadness to be leaving the mountains and the beauty of Colorado. I think I might be just missing my son.

Arrived in Riverside about 2pm and checked into the Lazy Acres campground. Pretty nice place complete with showers,laundry,and wifi. In order of importance. Got the next five days planned out which will put us in the Tetons.

Good night all.

Welcome to Walden

Welcome to Walden