Day Fifty Three Thane’s Blog: bring it on

Saturday June 22, 2013, 77 miles (124 km) – Total so far: 2,821 miles (4,540 km)

Today’s ride was filled with awesome views. The only problem was every time you picked up your head to check it out you and your bicycle almost came to a stop. Even though we were turning pedals before 6 am we couldn’t beat the wind today.I just can’t imagine living in this part of the country. The wind blows hard each and every day. The locals say the winter is over the top fierce. I absolutely believe them.

We rolled 78miles. The vast majority of them were uphill once again. Slightly at times. Pitching up to 6% at other times but the scenery made the journey all worthwhile.

At the end of the day we met up with some of the other transamers we have been bumping into from time to time and all hung out for dinner. The randomness of meeting other cyclist over and over again is something really kinda cool about this journey.

Tomorrow we get to make the climb up towagtee pass. Some say it is the longest pass on the route. I do know the map shows us climbing nonstop today. I say bring it on.