Day Fifty Nine Thane’s Blog: datss nott nicee

Friday June 28, 2013, 72 miles (116 km) – Total so far: 3,127 miles (5,032 km)

We had been warned about the narrow road without any shoulder from a local cyclist last night. These types of roads are truly nothing new to us but we did listen closely when she said that some drivers actually will “buzz” close to you on that stretch of road.At the 20 mile mark the feared climb of the day was in our rear view mirror. What was touted by the local cyclists as a huge “gut buster “was in truth a 5 mile grade that averaged 6%. After climbing grades at double that in both mileage and grade this “gut buster” was just pure joy to my soul.

At the 22 mile mark the guy driving the white suv and pulling a small trailer saw fit to come within 2 inches of me on a stretch of road where he was the only vehicle on either side of it for as far as the eye could see. Inside my head I let out a verbal barrage that included calling him a stupid fucker, a giant asshole, and a pencil dick.

What came out of my mouth was something totally different however. For reasons unknown at that time I was reminded of something my precious 4 year old granddaughter Boo often says. It’s simple and to the point. “Datssss nott nicee!” I think I owe Boo a hug. She taught Grampy to maybe think one thing and say something different. I love you Boo!

We covered 72miles today in the incredible sunshine. The terrain after the “climb” was rolling most of the day with fields of crops on either side of us. The mountains were on our right and left for the majority of the day and from the road to them was planted with corn and hay and other crops.

The thing that I found strange is that nearly every single field was being watered. The amount of water being pumped as we cycled past this valley was unreal.

Tomorrow the map says we will be climbing over two passes with a total mileage of around 78. Bring it on brother!

Day Fifty Nine Bobby’s Blog

Friday June 28, 2013, 72 miles (116 km) – Total so far: 3,127 miles (5,032 km)

Got out of the camp ground at Ennis extra early and headed for the Lions park a short distance away. The restroom there was open all night and very nice. Filled the water bottles and brushed the teeth and hit the road in search once again for breakfast.Oh the things I will never take for granted again. It seems our life consists of pedaling, searching for food and water, and a roof over our head with a shower.

Twenty miles or so down the road we came to Virginia City,MT where we went to the cafe of the same name. It was here that Thane and Ruffy experienced the worst breakfast of the tour and I had the best biskets and gravy I have ever eaten. (they went for the burrito)

From there it was pretty much a breeze into Dillon where we set up at the KOA for the night. I like these cause they have nice showers and a laundry that is open all night. Not that we need an all night laundry,we are asleep by 9pm