Day Sixty Seven Thane’s Blog: questions from home

Saturday July 6, 2013, 87 miles (140 km) – Total so far: 3,746 miles (6,028 km)

About mid-way through this day we made the decision to push onto the next town on the map which meant adding another 14 miles to our day. This meant we would be cycling nearly 90 miles today. Now that we are here and have the tents set up I think this was an awesome idea. During the nine mile long climb that took nearly two hours in 100 degree heat I was beginning to question our sanity. I will tell you though, the descent from that climb that dumped us off into the Browniee Reservoir area was a thing of beauty. Tomorrow we are making the trip to Baker City. A short day as most have been going. Only around 70 miles. It really seems odd to think of 50-70 miles as a “short” day on a bicycle. Never again will I view distance cycling the same.

Yesterday my wife posed a question to me that I thought about a lot today. She simply asked me if I was going to miss this. Miss this touring. Miss this ride. And is struck me. At this point in this journey I truly need to think about that long and hard before I can honestly answer that. We entered the state of Oregon this afternoon and as I stood under the welcome sign for this state my wives question again ran through the tiny grey matter that sits between my ears. As of this day and this moment I still cannot answer her.

Will I miss this? I need to sleep on that one more night.

bobby living the dream

bobby living the dream

boo's backside starting to look like ruffy's rig

boo’s backside starting to look like ruffy’s rig

the beauty of the browniee resivore area

the beauty of the browniee resivore area

I simply have no words

I simply have no words

Day Sixty Seven Bobby’s Blog

Sunday July 7, 2013, 71 miles (114 km) – Total so far: 3,817 miles (6,143 km)

Brother what a night it really was yes indeed. When we set up our tents last night in New Meadows we took the only shade we could find at the back of the park. There was a couple of houses back there but seem pretty quiet.The good ole boys and gals wheeled out the juke box and the horse shoes and began to whoop it up until, well I put ear plugs in at 2:30 am and they were still going strong then. The horse shoes ringing off the pins the hooten and hollerin and the juke box made for one hell of a night for some tired cyclists. There were a total of nine of us camping there.

Needless to say we were not rested and had a 88 mile day ahead of us in 100 degree temps. Stopped in Council,ID and stuffed ourselves with bacon,pancakes,eggs and hashbrowns. Man that’s livin.

We then headed to Brownlee Res. where we had planned on spending the night but instead decided to push on to Oxbow,OR another 14 miles to kinda shorten up the day to Baker City.

We are now camped on the banks of the Snake River. Looks more like a lake here because of the dams but the locals say if you want to see action you have to 22 miles south to Hells Canyon Dam and that is where the action takes place with the jet boats. That’s not going to happen on a bicycle.

Welcome to Oregon we have 10 riding days left. Hard to believe. I am really missing my wife.