Day Sixty Nine Thane’s Blog: crystal clear

Monday July 8, 2013, 81 miles (130 km) – Total so far: 3,898 miles (6,273 km)

About 14 miles into our 81 mile day I saw it on the left side. On the other side of the river that followed our path this morning, embedded in the beautiful rocks that jutted toward the sky it was talking to me.It was painted an off red color. Kinda like the color you might envision when someone tells you they pained something “barn red”. I suspect it was made of wood but the wildness of the river prevented me from getting close enough to actually touch it.

As soon as I saw it I pulled Boo over to the side of the road and flipped the lid open on the handle bar bag that houses my camera and took three shots. Then I thanked God for giving me the strength and courage to cycle across this incredible country and jumped back on the bicycle.

Yesterday the trip through Hell’s Canyon turned me slightly ugly. I vowed never to be ugly on this bicycle when I began pedaling on May 1st but that was unrealistic. When I woke up this morning the world looked different and when I photographed that off red cross that marked someone’s death. The world became crystal clear once again. I am blessed beyond belief.

We had three mountain passes today with no services for the first 51 miles. But nothing could wipe the smile from my soul today. Actually on the third mountain assent I actually put the hammer down. Something I haven’t done since my second assent of Hoosier Pass back in Colorado. When I got to the top I jumped off the bike and just gave thanks for the beauty all around me today.

Our final 13 miles into the city of John Day were met with some serious headwinds but I just asked Bobby and Ruffy to jump on the train and I drove us all home.
With a smile on my face.

Day Sixty Nine Bobby’s Blog

Monday July 8, 2013, 81 miles (130 km) – Total so far: 3,898 miles (6,273 km)

Hit the road again at 5:30 and you guessed it went in search for breakfast. Today was the longest to date 52 miles to Austin Junction. Two Big 5,000 plus mountain passes before breakfast which turned into lunch with a Bison burger. My first. Could have been beef for all I know.We were also informed that we missed the spring water a mile back. I wanted to stop there but not enough to go back. After our meal we had one more pass to climb then a sweet downhill to Prairie City.

Stopped at the coffee shop and had a peach mango smoothie and it was there we decided to push another 13 miles to John Day to shorten tomorrows 80 mile day.

When we hit the road again and was greeted with a pretty strong head wind. Thane put the bit in his teeth and pulled Ruff and I in which was luckily a downhill run.

I find myself thinking more and more of home and wondering what it will be like to not pedal all day. Or even to drive a car. We haven’t looked at television since we left except for the weather channel so I might just keep that practice going when I get home.

Good Night all. See you in Mitchell