Day Seventy Thane’s Blog: cycling dudes and tears

Tuesday July 9, 2013, 70 miles (113 km) – Total so far: 3,968 miles (6,386 km)

I was really trying to focus on grabbing all the beauty around me as I cycled today but it is getting tough. We did get to cycle through an awesome canyon again today. With walls of solid rock jutting skyward on both sides for about 3 miles.

Before that we had an easy 30 mile run to the closest restaurant for breakfast. All either flat or downhill. Our map made it look like we might pay for this after we ate and this assumption was backed up by a local dude sipping coffee alongside us as we ate. “Actually, that road is all uphill to the summit of the pass. It’s about 40 miles to the town of Mitchell from here. But the last few miles is all downhill.”

He was absolutely right. For our 3 hour effort of uphill we were rewarded with about 10 minutes of going the other way. Booyyyaahhh and welcome once again to the great state of Oregon.For me, grabbing the beauty is getting slightly tougher because I am thinking a lot about the end of this journey which is now less than ten days away. The day after tomorrow my odometer will reach another miles stone. It will roll 4000 miles for this journey.

I have photographed each “miles stone” as I call them beginning with 500 miles and going in 500 mile increments throughout. Not until today did I realize that the previous miles stones were a record of how far Boo and I have traveled thus far. Unlike the 4000 mile milestone which will indicate to me that we only have a few more miles to go. There will be no 4500 mile turn of the odometer on this trip.

Truly, the past couple days I have felt a flood of emotions about this entire journey. Real men do cry the good cry on a bicycle from time to time. Or at least this guy does

Day Seventy Bobby’s Blog

Tuesday July 9, 2013, 70 miles (113 km) – Total so far: 3,968 miles (6,386 km)

Nice cool morning and a beautiful slightly downhill Twenty something ride to Danville for breakfast. Bacon,eggs,toast,and a nice slice of cocoanut cream pie. Just couldn’t resist it.The waitress suggested we stop at the fossil museum but it was off route and we have far to many miles in these legs to be visiting anything that isn’t right next to the road. I think we may be getting a little road weary.

After cycling past the turn off for the museum we entered the Picture Gorge and pictures can not do justice to this beautiful place. Then came the lead out climb to Keys Creek pass. Not steep but super long. The heat continues to bake us hence the 5:30 am starts.

We pulled into Mitchell right about noon and done for the day. Set up in the city park that actually has water,power,and a working restroom across the street. No locks on the doors so if you are going to do as the the English say and have a heavy wash you better lean against the door.

Not a lot to do here and it is too hot to sit in the tent so I sit in the saloon and drink pop and sponge wifi which isn’t the best either. Redmond tomorrow, a little bigger,quite a bit bigger town so can update then.