Day Seventy Three Thane’s Blog: overcome really

Friday July 12, 2013

It’s odd to me. Very odd indeed. Before I sat down to write this blog I dialed up our crazy guy blog page and saw the number of “hits” it has received so far. Over 94,000. This entire web presence for this cycling journey is mind boggling.

In addition to maintaining the crazy guy blog I also vowed to keep my family and friends updated on my Facebook page as well. To be absolutely truthful there were plenty of days that I just wished I hadn’t started either one of those. After cycling some days all I wanted to was eat, sleep and cry. And not necessarily in that order.

But, as the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months I almost felt compelled to update both of these sites on a daily basis whenever we were somewhere that had internet access. Now, on day 73 I am so very glad that I forced myself to keep journaling throughout this.

Not only did it allow my family and friends to keep track of my where a bouts but it truly gave me a venue to vent my most inner feelings. I am humbled by the responses and the comments and the well wishes. Overcome really.

I guess we travelled 60 miles today give or take. Some of it was time spent on a highway with too much traffic, too many semi-trucks hauling huge pine logs and too much noise. I was able to drown some of it out with Rihanna and Paul Simon and Linkin Park blaring in my left ear. But what I really longed-for was climbing McKenzie Pass again on a road with little traffic and a 6 % grade. OH well. The incredible memory lives on

The entire day was not filled with the white noise of traffic however. Some of it was spent paralleling another beautiful river. It’s always really awesome to cycle next to a river and just listen to the sound it makes as it does a waltz with the rocks it holds underneath.

Tomorrow we point our bicycles in the direction of Monmouth. The day after that we should catch our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. I’m stoked. Seriously, seriously stoked.

forest of pines

forest of pines

they were also enjoying the sound of the river

they were also enjoying the sound of the river

"hey cycling dude" I can see you peeing over there

“hey cycling dude” I can see you peeing over there

field of wheat dancing in the wind

field of wheat dancing in the wind

"hey bobby" thanks for the snack

“hey bobby” thanks for the snack

Day Seventy Three Bobby’s Blog

Friday July 12, 2013

Day 73 McKenzie Bridge to CoburgStayed at the RV Park last night so in the morning we got packed up and decided to go down to the lounge and eat our pre breakfast where it was warm. Our Aussie friend Phil was still sleeping so we pushed the bikes down to the building and parked them in the back.

I told the guys I would leave my Garmin plugged in till we’re ready to leave and we sat down to eat. Meanwhile the Aussie gets up sees we have left and spots my computer still plugged in and pulls it out and hits the road trying to catch up with us to give it back.

No problem. There is one thing common to all touring cyclists that is when they wake up they head for the nearest food. Phil was there with my computer happy ending. Sadly though that was the last time we will see Phil as he will end his tour in Florence and ours in Astoria.

This happens a lot on the TransAm. You make friends and see them off and on for weeks then they remain only in your memory and photos.

It was really cold out when we got started and the ride to the restaurant (23mi) was just beautiful. This is what I had pictured Oregon to look like. We were in a tunnel of trees for miles. Everything lush and green with mountains towering above us on both sides. The Cascades are beautiful.

Tomorrow I believe we will have our first peek at the Pacific. Only four more days to pedal. I don’t know what to think of that. It will take some time to sort this out. I feel truly blessed.