BOBBY AND THANE TACKLE THE TRANSAM Day 76 Pacific City to Manzanita

Day Seventy Six Bobby’s Blog

Monday July 15, 2013, 64 miles (103 km) – Total so far: 4,346 miles (6,994 km)

Day 76 Pacific City to ManzanitaWell it was a day for mixed emotions. Can’t really explain how I feel right now. I am sitting in my tent for the last time on this tour and it is cold outside which means it is going to be even colder when we get up in the morning.

No matter for tomorrow we finish in Astoria which until now just seemed like some far away place that I just always seem to be pedaling towards.

We cycled through some very pretty country today that was overshadowed by heavy traffic on the 101 and strong North winds in our faces. But one thing could not be overshadowed and that was my spirit.

Tomorrow the rubber meets the Pacfic and the journey that began in my mind 10 years ago will come to fruition. Good night and God Bless all who have supported and prayed for us.