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Rockport work bee reminder

Sunday May 21st we will be doing a trail clean-up at Rockport starting at 11am. Some will be going out earlier to identify trouble spots and someone will remain in the parking lot to guide any late comers to areas that need attention. The goal of the work be is to remove winter blow down trees and debris & work with representatives of the MDNR to identify locations for trail directional signs. Installation of the signs to be done during the Friends of Rockport sponsored work bee later in June. Only tools needed would be pruning sheers to trim back encroaching growth.

TBTA Board Meeting May 4, 2017

Austin Brothers Brewery Meeting Room

Call to order 6:12 pm

Board Members present: Ron A, Randy F, Bob N, Tim R, Steve V, Tom D, Spence M, Jeff B, Stan M, Wayne C.         Board Members absent: Bob B, Scott B, Mike A, Mary R.

DNR:  Emily Meyerson, Blake Gingrich, Paige Perry.     Also, present, other members and interested people.

Minutes of April 6, 2017 were accepted as presented.

Treasurers Report:   Stan M, reported that as of May 4, 2017 Total cash on hand in checking and savings is $4318.49.
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Norway Ridge Work Bee Reminder

Sunday April 23rd at 11pm we will be doing a general clean-up at Norway Ridge Pathway. Work to be done: cutting back encroaching growth on the ski trails, re-staining the sign, picking up trash, blowing off leaves and debris from all paths and single track. We will also be identifying the wet areas that need immediate attention for new or repairing existing culverts.

Trail Work Bee Reminder

Trail Work Bee Reminder: it just so happens to be Earth Day this weekend so come help make your Thunder Bay Trails beautiful. Trail work bees start this Sunday 4/23/17 at Chippewa Hills. Norway Ridge Sunday 4/30/17 and Rockport Sunday 5/7. Scheduled times from 11:00 am -3:00 pm.

We will meet at 11 am at the main parking lot for all three. Any help you can provide will be welcomed.  Get outside and join in on the fun! Thank you for your support!

Thunder Bay Trails Association Monthly Board Meeting April 6th, 2017

TBTA MEETING APRIL 6, 2017         Location—Austin Brothers Brewery

Call to order at 6:10 pm       Board members present—-Randy F.  Tim R.  Bob N.  Stan M.  Tom D.  Scott B.  Wayne C.     Absent—- Ron  Mike  Bobby  Jeff  Dennis  Mary       Others present—- Chris C.

The minutes of March 2, 2017  were accepted on motion by Stan, 2nd by Tom D.

Treasurers Report presented by Stan M.  Total in checking and savings accounts is $6916.42.  There was an increase in insurance cost of $195.00 because of additional ski trail grooming areas.  Motion to approve treasurers report made by Scott, 2nd by Tim R.
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Volunteer Schedule of Spring 2017 Trail Maintenance Days

Chippewa Hills Pathway ***DATE CHANGED*** – NOW April 23RD

  • Cleaning winter wind blow down trees and branches
  • Raking single track
  • Clearing encroaching growth from trails
  • Flagging and begin clearing dead fall from new single track (if sanctioned)
  • Picking trash from parking lot and surrounding area

Norway Ridge Pathway – April 30th

Thunder Bay Trails Board Meeting Minutes March 2, 2017

TBTA Meeting     March 2, 2017           Location—Austin Brothers Brewery

Call to order at 6:05pm

Board members present: Bob N, Stan M, Tim R, Tom D, Wayne C, Jeff B, Spencer M, Dennis V, Mary R

Board members absent: Ron A, Mike A, Bobby B, Scott B

Other members present: Melissa M, Randy F

Minutes of February 2,2017 were accepted as presented.

Treasurers Report: Report as of March 2, 2017 was presented by Stan M. Current balance on hand in both checking and savings is $3290.98. Motion by Tom D. 2nd by Spence M. to accept treasurers report as presented, motion passed.
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Thunder Bay Trails Special Board Meeting Minutes Feb 8th 2017

A special meeting of the board was convened to determine the purchase of a covered trailer to transport and house the new snow machine. Minutes are here.

Special Meeting Feb 8

Thunder Bay Trails Board Meeting Minutes Feb 2nd 2017

See the link to view the meeting minutes from the board members meeting earlier this month.  These meeting are open to all members and you are encouraged to attend.  Currently the meeting are schedule for the first Thursday of ever month at 6pm at Alpena Community College.


Youth Cross Country Ski Club Week 3

Third session of our six week ski club program was a success with a big thank you to Mother Nature for supplying us with just enough snow to pull it off. Thanks to Jeff and Dave Blumenthal, Hal Butler, Wayne Christopherson  and the rest of the Thunder Bay Trails volunteers for sharing your passion and knowledge of cross country skiing with our kids ensuring a life long healthy activity is passed on to the next generation.
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Youth Cross Country Ski Club first two weeks

Three weeks in and we have completed two weeks of ski club meetings. We missed week two due to weather conditions but have managed to get is some quality instruction never the less. We still anticipate getting all 6 weeks in so keep doing your snow dances. Thanks to all the volunteers for your hard work, thanks to Jeff Blumenthal for putting this together, thank you to the Alpena County Youth and Recreation Committee and thanks to the Aplex for hosting our club.
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Treat your Valentine to a night of skiing at Norway Ridge

Treat your Valentine to a night of skiing at Norway Ridge – Saturday February 11th at 6pm Thunder Bay Trails Association and the Department of Natural Resources will be hosting a Lantern Ski. The event is free, there will be a bon fire hot cider and treats to eat. Enjoy a night skiing the lantern lit trails with your family, friends and lovers.