Trail Reports


Bobby checked in and the City Golf Course has been groomed and is in great shape.

Norway Ridge has freshly groomed snow, conditions are much better as there is coverage on 99% of the trail and skiing is very good. Warmer temps are in the forecast so get out and enjoy it while it lasts.


Randy checked in and will be grooming Chippewa today, all trails have been groomed though snow is thin. Thank you Jeff, Randy and Tim C.


We have snow again! Bobby groomed the City Golf Course this morning conditions are great with a nice skate lane. Norway will be groomed this evening.


After that horrible warm-up and rain we have fresh snow again! Norway is now groomed (THANKS HAL) and ready for skiing.

Randy Fairbanks reported in and Chippewa Hills has been groomed, conditions are thin but ski-able.

More reports on trail conditions as they come in.


Norway Ridge and Alpena Golf Course have been freshly groomed as well as the Winter Sports Trail behind Northern Lights Arena. Great conditions have been reported on all courses and warmer temps in the forecast for Sunday. Enjoy!


Norway Ridge Pathway, the City Golf Course and Chippewa Hills have all been freshly groomed as of yesterday. The best conditions can be found at the Golf Course, Norway Ridge is groomed with good skiing that gets better the further back you go, Chippewa Hills is groomed but minimal snow exists.








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