Trail Reports


Randy attempted to groom Chippewa Hills this morning and there was just not enough snow. Sorry looks like all the good skiing is going to be north at Norway and the City Golf Course.

March is in like a lion and we have snow again!  Alpena Golf Course is now groomed with a classic lane.
Norway Ridge Pathway has been groomed as well. Norway Ridge Pathway does have some water holes after trail marker 11. It is recommended to turn left at trail marker 10 to avoid the water holes. Enjoy the snow while it lasts. Who knows if we will get another chance to ski this winter.

Sorry to report the snow is gone. No further grooming is planned unless we get additional snow fall. Please continue to check this page if the snow comes back this winter.

Alpena Golf Course – groomed and tracked trails. Skiing will be good through the weekend. Get out before it gets too warm and we lose our snow.

Norway Ridge Pathway– 3″-4″ of new snow, groomed and tracked trails.

Alpena Golf Course – 3″-4″ of new snow, groomed and tracked trails.

APex/NLA Trails – 3″-4″ of new snow, groomed and tracked trails.

APlex/NLA Trails – received 2″-3″ of fresh snow. Groomed and tracked trails. Trails in the woods have a base and conditions are fair. Other sections of trail are very thin on snow.

Norway Ridge Pathway – received 3″ to 5″ of fresh snow groomed and tracked.

Chippewa Hills Pathway – 3″-5″ fresh snow, groomed and tracked.

Alpena Golf Course – 3″-5″ fresh snow, groomed and tracked.

Norway Ridge Pathway – received 3″ fresh snow. Groomed and packed trail (two tracks on back loops). Snow is still thin in spots.

Alpena Golf Course – received 3″ fresh snow. Rolled and packed trail for skating and set a classic track. There are still thin spots on trail. The north power line trail is being used as a service road by loggers.

Norway Ridge Pathway – groomed a single track for skiers and packed trail for snowshoers. Trail is thin in spots, but holding up well despite warm temps. The back section of trail is in great shape for classic skiers.

Alpena Golf Course – received a wet 2″ of fresh snow. Set classic tracks. Temps are warming in the 30s during the day. The north power line trail has minimal snow as it was plowed for power pole maintenance. Trail should be ‘ok’ after we get more snow.

City Fat Tire Bike course from Austin Brother’s Beer Co. to Aplex and ACC groomed. Access from the R.R. tracks at Johnson or the Aplex North East corner of parking lot.

Norway Ridge Pathway – attempted to groom, not enough snow and base yet. Many skiers have skied in a nice track.

Chippewa Hills – Set a single track on Saturday,  parking lot is plowed

Alpena Golf Course – trail was rolled and packed for skating and a track set for classic skiers. (Fresh 2″ snow on 12/18 and wind has blown in trail).



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