Trail Etiquette

  1. Being out on the trails is a way to enjoy the beauty of nature and distance oneself from the busy day. Please respect other trail users by not being too loud and turning your phone down
  2. Taking a break? Move to the side of the trail to let others pass by.
  3. Our ecosystems are fragile and it is our job to protect and preserve them so please don’t dispose of your trash on the trails, please take your trash home. Even biodegradable items such as banana peels are best removed from the trails and taken home. Follow the leave-no-track practice.
  4. Hikers going downhill yield to those hiking uphill.
  5. The great thing about trails is that you and your furry friend can join in. But please keep your pet on a leash and under control. Don’t forget to remove any pet waste from the trail and dispose of it properly.
  6. Please respect local wildlife, they don’t need your snacks!
  7. Remember, many of the trails are through protected forests so please don’t take souvenirs. Only happy memories and photos!

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